How to prepare cream from wrinkles

How to prepare cream from wrinkles

To prevent appearance of wrinkles, integrated approach which includes gymnastics for the person, use of specialized creams, face packs, etc. is necessary. Today the range of cosmetics which help to struggle with mimic and age wrinkles is quite wide. However it is possible to prepare house cream which will contain only natural components.

It is required to you

  • - olive oil, camomile infusion, honey, yolk, salt, vaseline;
  • - camomile flowers, margarine, castor oil, camphoric alcohol, glycerin;
  • - gelatin, glycerin, honey, salicylic acid;
  • - garlic, vegetable oil.


1. Buy ware in which it will be possible to kindle recipe components and also glass jars for storage of the cream made by you.

2. Prepare at first one of the tried creams from wrinkles under the name "Wonderful cream": - mix olive oil (2 tsps) with half of fresh yolk; - add to this mix camomile infusion (2 tsps), honey (0.5 tsps) and salt (1 tsp); - having kindled vaseline (2 tsps) on water bath, add it to the previous mix; - put the received weight in the fridge for 5 minutes; - impose this cream in the evening, before going to bed, for 1 hour then remove napkin its remains. This cream will be suitable for any skin.

3. If you have dry skin, then hurry up to make camomile cream: - fill in with boiled water (half-glass) 1 tablespoon of flowers of camomile (dry), insist within one and a half hours; - having filtered the received infusion, add to it 50 g of margarine or the melted butter (kindled), 2 tablespoons of castor oil, 30 g of camphoric alcohol and 1/2 tsps of glycerin.

4. If you from those women that have oily skin, prepare for yourself honey cream from wrinkles: - put gelatin (6 g) in half of glass of water and after its swelling add glycerin (80 g), salicylic acid (1 g) and honey (50 g); - place this mix on water bath, mixing before full dissolution of ingredients; - cool mix, and cream is ready.

5. Sometimes, using one of the bought creams from wrinkles, considerable improvement is not visible: wrinkles do not smooth out. That it did not go to waste, it is possible to transform it to absolutely new cream which for certain will smooth your wrinkles: - having grated garlic (2 heads) on small grater, fill in it with vegetable oil so that has covered garlic weight approximately on centimeter; - keep this mix of oil and garlic week at the room temperature in ware with well closed cover. After this time put mix in the fridge for three days; - filter mix; - when you are going to impose your usual night cream, add to it 2-3 drops of garlic oil.

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