How to prepare face packs from pink clay

How to prepare face packs from pink clay

Pink clay in the nature does not exist, it turns out by mixing of red and white clay. This clay thanks to the rich structure perfectly looks after face skin. The mask made on the basis of this clay will help to soften and rejuvenate skin, to save from small wrinkles. Pink clay cleans skin cells from dirt, toxins, disintegration products. At oily skin it narrows pores, cleans from skin fat.

Pink clay, as well as all other cosmetic clays, has disinfecting effect. Masks from clay at the inflamed skin will calm her, will remove reddenings. Pink clay oxygenates epidermis, improves blood supply, promotes cell regeneration, perfectly slows down aging process. So each girl has to know several recipes of face packs from this miracle natural material.

Gommage mask

Such mask will be suitable for the fat and combined skin. Mix clay tablespoon with spoon of dry red wine. Apply mask to clean skin, wait fifteen minutes. Wash away warm water, then - a little bit cool.

Musk for angry and dry kozhismeshayta pink clay with cow milk (on three tablespoons), add spoon of flower honey, mix. Put this structure on the cleaned face rather thick layer. Such mask should be washed away twenty minutes later cool water (take mineral water better). After that apply nutritious cream to skin. Musk for cleaning to porsmeshayta of a little pink clay with lemon juice, add three drops of oil of rosemary. Put mask on face, wait ten minutes, wash away cold water. You carry out the procedure twice a week properly to clean face. Mask for withering to kozhivozmita pink clay, mix with juice of aloe or spring water, add several droplets of "rose of mosquito" oil and also several drops of vitamin E and And in the form of oil. Mix, the mask has to turn out dense on consistence. Put on face, neck, wait for minutes ten, wash away warm water. ProtivopokazaniyaRozovyy clay is not recommended to people who have oncological diseases and tuberculosis. At diseases of cardiovascular system there is restriction in use of this clay too. If you add essential oils to mask, then at first check - whether you have on them allergy, for this purpose drip oil on wrist, wait ten minutes.

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