How to prepare hair shampoo

Unfortunately, not always the composition of those shampoos most of which of people have got used to use includes exclusively useful substances. Therefore it is better to make house shampoo independently of vegetable components, such means will definitely not do much harm to your hair.


  1. To make really qualitative means, remember prescribing of shampoo. Its task is in splitting the emitted skin fat and to provide to hair purity. However there are some more problems against which shampoo is designed to fight. It can have the strengthening property, return gloss, recover hair or struggle with dandruff. Before undertaking production of care product for hair in house conditions, carefully think over with what purposes you do it.
  2. Starting creation of house shampoo, you remember that, as a rule, the same ingredients are taken as its basis that enter masks for hair. As basic elements it is necessary to take either rye bread, or fermented milk products or white clay, either mustard or eggs.
  3. Mustard powder has the quite good drying effect so it comes out the quite good degreasing shampoo. With water make the weight which then is applied on the polluted hair of powder. For this purpose the tablespoon of powder is dissolved in two liters of warm water. It is necessary to wash away weight in 10 minutes, not earlier. Also well kefir, curdled milk or any other fermented milk products dry.
  4. Select other components for fight against that problem of hair or head skin which disturbs you. For example, if you have oily hair, you will suit detergent on the basis of oak bark. Tannins which have ability to dry skin are its part. Take four tablespoons of bark and make them in boiled water liter. Then it is necessary to boil broth five more minutes.
  5. It is recommended to add binding components (gelatin, glycerin soap, etc.) to many shampoos. For example, for sensitive skin it is necessary to add glycerin soap to the recipe. Make two tablespoons of flowers of camomile in glass of boiled water and draw half an hour. Mix the filtered broth with oils (have to be part teaspoon castoric and on two drops rosemary, cedar, sagy and tea tree oils). At the end add liquid soap.
  6. Such shampoo will be suitable for dry hair: mix tablespoon of gelatin with two egg yolks. Having carefully mixed weight, apply it on hair for 10 minutes. Wash away mix warm water.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team