How to prepare henna for hair

How to prepare henna for hair

Henna – medical natural dye for hair and body. With its help it is possible not only to give to curls noble saturated copper and chocolate shade, but also to strengthen, saturate, recover hair, to save the head from dandruff. It is quite simple to dissolve henna before painting.

It is required to you

  • - glass/ceramic bowl;
  • - hot boiled water;
  • - spoon.


  1. The amount of dry henna which will be required for preparation of the painting mix depends on length and thickness of curls. The standard volume of packing of henna for house coloring – 80 g, but happen also 125 g of pack. Two 80-gram packs of powder henna will be necessary for hair of average length - from chin to shoulders-. If head of hear very dense, get one more pack for emergency.
  2. Pour out henna in nonmetallic bowl. Fill in powder with hot boiled water, pour in it thin stream, constantly stirring slowly, before formation of uniform gruel (consistence of dense sour cream). Dissolve all lumps.
  3. If you aim to add to hair chestnut shade, pour tablespoon of natural ground coffee into mix. If desired to add bright-red reflection instead of boiled water dissolve henna with the beet juice which is warmed up to 60-70os. For achievement of saturated red shade of hair it is possible to make henna fresh infusion of camomile and to add to mix on teaspoon of turmeric and paprika or the calendulas processed flower.
  4. If you want to enhance effect and intensity of coloring, to achieve the maximum firmness of henna, add to divorced mix half of teaspoon of citric acid (or juice of half of lemon) and as much vinegar.
  5. Try to dissolve henna with hot whey. It will not affect final color, but will add to hair gloss and smoothness of silk.
  6. The grass smell of divorced henna will not be so unpleasant if instead of boiled water to pour in green tea in paint, to add several drops of aromatic oil.
  7. If you are going to use means only in the medical purposes, give preference to white henna or add 2-3 tablespoons of olive/sunflower oil to mix of traditional chestnut henna. It will not allow dye to be absorbed too in structure of hair.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team