How to prepare ice with camomile

How to prepare ice with camomile

Ice with camomile is very popular cosmetic. It is possible to apply it at any type of skin. Ice cubes perfectly clean and refresh skin. In this plan they are good alternative of tonic for the person.

It is required to you

  • Molds for ice, camomile broth, water, the freezer.


1. Traditional recipe of ice from camomile. Take handful of berries of mountain ash and pound. Place weight in boiled water and insist one hour. At this time prepare broth with camomile: fill in with boiled water 2 tablespoons of flowers and you cook five minutes. Connect the cooled camomile and mountain ash. Add about 15 grams of honey to this mix. Now liquid can be poured in molds and to place in the fridge before full hardening. Such ice possesses not only the antiseptic and calming properties, but also is the vitaminized means.

2. Ice from camomile with essential oils. Place camomile flowers in glass and fill in 300 ml of hot water. Infuse water one hour, and later filter and cool it. Now add essential oils: geranny, mint and pink. Will be five drops of everyone enough. In order that oil was distributed evenly, close capacity and well shake. After that pour infusion on molds and at once put in the freezer. The ice prepared thus has really sparing properties: reduces inflammations, calms and purifies skin.

3. Cosmetic ice on the basis of herbs. This recipe is suitable for those who suffer from enlarged pores on face. Take the one third part of lime color, the one third part of camomile, one third of flowers of elder and half teaspoon of honey on glass of boiled water. You cook mix of herbs within three minutes, and later filter. Add honey only when broth cools down. Fill in the turned-out infusion in cells and place on freezing.

4. Ice for removal of hypostases around eyes. Necessary ingredients: 1/4 black teas, 1/4 green teas, 1/4 camomiles pharmaceutical and 1/4 St. John's wort. Fill in mix of herbs with glass of boiled water and insist within one hour. After that filter liquid, pour it on cells and send for freezing. The frozen tea in combination with camomile and St. John's wort perfectly tones up, returning to face skin natural and healthy color.

5. Carrying out massage by ice, you drive cubes strictly on massage lines. Do not forget also about eye area. From the middle of chin conduct cube to lobes of ears. From mouth corner - to acoustical pass. From the side surface of nose - to upper part of ear. On upper eyelid you carry out by cube from internal corner of eye to external. From the middle of forehead conduct cube to temples. Try not to overcool skin: the single contact lasts for five seconds. All procedure of wiping takes from three to five minutes. You drive cube on skin until it completely does not thaw. Then give to skin opportunity to dry independently: infusion has to be absorbed.

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