How to prepare juice from aloe

How to prepare juice from aloe

Juice of aloe is the light green liquid bitterish on taste having strong smell. Aloe juice often is part of many cosmetics as it contains vitamin C, mineral salts, microelements and other useful substances. Cosmetic medicines on the basis of juice of aloe smooth wrinkles, calm and tighten skin, protect from ultraviolet rays, have bactericidal properties, are suitable for any type of skin. It is possible to prepare aloe juice in house conditions.

It is required to you

  • - the cut-off aloe leaves;
  • - gauze.


  1. Cut off necessary quantity of leaves of aloe. Place leaves in the fridge on the lower shelf for 10-12 days.
  2. Get leaves aloe leaves from the fridge. Wash out in cool boiled water as on them there can be dust.
  3. Carefully remove prickles from leaves.
  4. Cut aloe leaves on pieces 0.3-0.4 millimeters wide.
  5. The leaves cut on pieces, turn in the sterilized gauze and squeeze out juice.
  6. Boil the received juice within 3 minutes.
  7. The received juice of aloe it is possible to use long time if to preserve it. For preservation it is necessary to mix juice and medical alcohol in proportion 8:2. The received solution needs to be stored in the fridge.
  8. At the external use the fresh and preserved juice from leaves of aloe of contraindications has no.

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