How to prepare rose attar

How to prepare rose attar

– beautiful and fragrant flower which useful properties are widely used in cosmetology. There is set of cosmetics with the content of extract of pink petals. One of such medicines is rose attar. This product contributes to normalization of metabolism, recovers skin, doing it elastic and tightened. Besides, rose attar serves as fine antiseptic agent and is applied to treatment of some skin diseases and burns.

It is required to you

  • - rose-petals;
  • - olive oil.


  1. It is quite possible to make rose attar independently in house conditions. In that case it will differ from the industrial analog, however will keep all useful properties. First of all it is necessary to prepare petals of roses – for production of oil use red flowers with strong aroma. It is better to bring together them early in the morning before the sun heats the plant and essential oil which is in rose will evaporate. It is possible to use slightly damp flowers, however water drops on them should not be. Sort collected buds on petals and clean them from pollution if it is necessary. It is not recommended to store their long time, otherwise all useful properties will be lost.
  2. As basis for preparation of rose attar any vegetable oil will approach, however cosmetologists advise to use olive. It is good remedy, effectively moisturizes and feeds the skin. Take one glass of olive oil and fill in with it two glasses of pink petals. Densely close the container with the received mix and place in the dark place. Mix petals each two-three days. In three weeks filter oil and pour it in clean vessel. Means is ready.
  3. There is other way of receiving rose attar. For a start warm up olive oil on water bath up to the temperature not higher than 70 degrees. Pour out it in in advance prepared ware and put petals (so much how many will be located). Leave to bank closed for two days in the warm place. After petals become colourless them it is necessary to get and replace with new. Repeat this procedure not less than ten times. Densely close ready oil and you store in the dark place. This cosmetic can be used for wiping of body after the water procedures and holding sessions of usual and anti-cellulite massage.

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