How to prepare shampoo by the hands

How to prepare shampoo by the hands

According to researches of the anti-cancer coalition, the most part of ingredients of purchased cosmetics are dangerous toxins. For example, with rare exception, all shampoos which we see on counters of shops and even drugstores contain SLS – the connection giving to shampoo the foaming properties, in pure form it destroys organic fabric. Meanwhile, it is absolutely optional to put the hair at risk, it is possible to prepare natural shampoo by the hands.

House shampoos have number of indisputable pluses:

- first, you precisely know that all ingredients of your shampoo are absolutely natural and do not contain any chemistry;

- secondly, the most part of ingredients are available at the price and they practically can always be found houses;

- thirdly, preparation of shampoos – the most interesting occupation, and each washing of the head turns into fascinating experiment.

To begin experiments, first of all it is necessary to decide on type of hair: normal, dry, fat, damaged and also to check head skin for availability of dandruff.

Anti-dandruff shampoo

In teaspoon of alcohol we dissolve 5 drops of essential oil of sage and 1 drop of essential oil of rose. We shake up the mixer of 2 egg yolks, we add mix of oils there and it is carefully mixed. Shampoo is ready, we apply it as well as purchased, and in 5 minutes we wash away warm water.

Oily hair shampoo

To part 1–2 tablespoons of mustard powder in liter of warm water, to apply solution on hair, massing. Wash away large amount of water. You can feel burning in the course of washing of hair, mustard causes rush of blood to head skin, thereby stimulating growth of hair.

Dry hair shampoo

The egg yolk without any additives is ideal for washing of dry hair. To distribute 2 yolks on hair, to massage 2-3 minutes and to wash away.

Also nutritious oat shampoo will be suitable for dry hair. For this half-glass of oat flakes crush in the coffee grinder, part with warm water to consistence of sour cream. Apply on moist hair, massage and wash away in 3–4 minutes.

The injured hair shampoo

Carefully shake up half of ripe banana, egg yolk and juice of half of lemon in the blender. It is necessary to maintain the received weight on hair not less than 5 minutes and to wash away warm water. Such shampoo not only will clean hair, but also will saturate them with the fruit acids giving vital strength.

Shampoos from clay

Shampoos from clay are almost house Spa procedure. The type of clay should be chosen proceeding from type of hair, but shampoos almost equally are prepared. To part 2 tablespoons of clay with water to consistence of liquid gruel, if desired it is possible to add suitable essential oils and your shampoo is ready.

Owners of oily hair will suit green clay, also it helps to cope with dandruff. Blue clay will help to grow quickly hair, gray strengthens dry and brittle hair. White and pink clays are suitable for limp, fine hair. Red clay is recommended for sensitive skin. Yellow clay removes toxins and cleans head skin from dandruff.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team