How to prepare the weakening house bathtub

How to prepare the weakening house bathtub

The good bathtub helps to remove stress after unlucky day. It improves mood and promotes the general relaxation of organism. It is possible to prepare such bathtub independently, having added components, necessary for relax, to water.

Before the weakening bathroom it is necessary to take shower. Water for this procedure also has to have certain temperature. Optimal variant - 37 °C. Such temperature will allow muscles to relax. Besides it is very comfortable for skin that will make the procedure of the most pleasant. To achieve the real relax, it is necessary to create the corresponding situation in the bathroom, for example, to light candles or to turn on the quiet music.

Bathtubs with essential oils have the good weakening effect. They calm and help to normalize emotional state. Essential oil of lavender will help to remove stress: it is rather simple to add 3-4 drops of oil to water. Such bathtub not only will calm, but also will promote good dream.

Excellent relaksant are also essential oils of rose, sandal-wood tree, mint and melissa, sage, wormwood, camomile and incense. It is possible to use as one, and several oils. At the same time it is important to remember that these means have very high concentration, and therefore for acceptance of bathtub only 3-5 drops of essential oil, and in case with rose attar – 2-3 there are enough. It is necessary to take such bath 15-20 minutes.

For this bathtub it is possible to use both whole, and powdered milk. That to prepare it, 2 liters of milk need to be warmed and added to it 3-4 tablespoons of honey a little. Powdered milk (400-450 g) needs to be parted previously in warm water. Ready mix should be substituted under water jet – under pressure milk will a little foam that will make reception of this bathtub even more pleasant. This procedure has to last 20-30 minutes. After bathtub it is necessary to take shower without soap and gel.

Sea salt well influences not only body, but also mentality. Such bathtub promotes strengthening of nervous system and immunity and also well influences muscle work. Sea salt is vitamin-rich also microelements therefore bath with it is recommended to be taken at stresses and after heavy physical activities. The bathtub requires 1 kg of salt - it is possible to buy it in drugstore or shop of cosmetics. Salt can be clean, or with additives. Such components as needles, mint and camomile, will have the additional calming effect. To prepare the weakening bathtub, just it is necessary to pour out salt in water and to stir it before full dissolution. It is necessary to spend in water 30-40 minutes, and after - to take shower without use of detergents.

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