How to prepare useful shampoo

How to prepare useful shampoo

Despite the broadest choice of shampoos in shops, it is not simple to find among them that which will be really useful to hair. For this reason those who care for beauty and health of the hair try to make shampoos independently.

It is required to you

  • - natural soap;
  • - the distilled water;
  • - for oily hair: juice of lemon or cucumber, broth of camomile, mint or eucalyptus;
  • - for dry hair: cosmetic oil;
  • - nettle broth;
  • - essential oil for aromatization.


  1. Useful shampoo is, first of all, natural shampoo. For this reason for preparation of this means for washing of hair it is necessary to take only natural ingredients. To make shampoo with own hands, the basis – soap solution will be required. Best of all as basis to take natural soap, it perfectly cleans hair and head skin from pollution, but at the same time does not do any harm. For preparation of soap solution it is the best of all to dissolve soap in the distilled water. The fact is that usual water contains set of chemical elements which can react with soap and lead to formation of hazardous substances.
  2. Now the turned-out neutral solution needs to be enriched with useful ingredients. That the nobility how to prepare shampoo, it is necessary also to understand additives to shampoo. The choice of ingredients will depend directly on type of hair and result which you want to achieve.
  3. For hair of fat type it is good to add the concentrated broth of mint, eucalyptus or fresh cucumber juice to soap solution. On 200 ml of shampoo 2-3 tablespoons are enough. When washing the head you will feel pleasant freshness, and after drying the hair will please with the purity which will remain longer, than usually. For fair hair of fat type it is also possible to add lemon juice or broth of camomile - it will add to hair golden gloss.
  4. Dry hair lack moistening therefore it is desirable to add tablespoon of cosmetic oil to dry hair shampoo. It is possible to take peach, coconut or jojoba oil. The result will not keep itself waiting long: right after washing the hair will become more live and brilliant, they will become easier to be combed and collected in hairstyle. You should not replace cosmetic oils with olive oil. Despite the useful properties, it makes heavier hair, they lay down in hairstyle worse and are quickly soiled.
  5. It is possible to cope with hair loss problem by means of nettle broth. If you do shampoo by the hands, add the concentrated broth of this remarkable plant to soap solution. The nettle strengthens roots and adds to hair gloss therefore such useful shampoo will suit hair of any type.
  6. In order that washing of the head useful shampoo also brought pleasure, it is possible to add several drops of favourite essential oil there. Citrus oils, such as essential oil of lemon, orange and grapefruit well are suitable for hair of fat type. For dry hair it is better to take essential oil of pink tree, jasmine, patchouli. Essential oil of lavender can help with fight against dandruff. For activation of growth of hair add essential oil of menthol, eucalyptus or mint.

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