How to prevent appearance of pimples on spin

How to prevent appearance of pimples on spin

On spin there are many sebaceous glands, especially in zone of shovels. As a result of friction about clothes the died-off parts of skin clog up pores, as causes formation of pimples. Fortunately, there are several councils allowing to prevent it.

1. Choose clothes from natural materials.

Synthetics does not absorb sweat at all while cotton is capable to absorb everything to last straw, so, that time will have nothing to be hammered. Especially relevant it during the physical trainings or during heat when sweating happens more intensively, than usually. Try to choose free cotton blouses of white color. So you will secure skin against artificial dyes.

2. Wash the head carefully.

Happens that on the head fungal and barmy bacteria which, once you sweat nest, get over on neck, and from there on back. Try to replace the habitual shampoo with antidandruff preparation which has antiseptic effect.

3. You carry high hairstyles.

This council is connected with that, how often you use various staylingovy means (varnishes, mousses, sprays). Your task is to try to make so that they did not get on back skin. For this purpose collect hair to high puchkiit tails. So hair will not rub about back.

4. Change clothes if have sweated.

Try to take shower after any physical activity. If there is no such opportunity, surely replace the clothes impregnated then with clean. First, it is hygienic, and secondly, will not allow bacteria to breed on your skin.

5. Limit carbohydrates.

Scientists unanimously repeat that the low-glycemic diet is capable of one-two to save anyone from acne. Try to exclude from diet products with the high glycemic index (defiant jumps of sugar in blood), for example, carry white loaf or polished rice from the menu, and you will almost instantly notice that pimples disappear as if by magic. Eat more bean and fruit, they will help to bridle appetite.

6. Pay attention to clarification of skin of back.

Use special antibacterial products for body, they perfectly clean pores. You can use them locally only on problem places. If it does not help, try to use the means containing salicylic acid. They will help to dry heat-spots and will not allow sebaceous glands to work so actively.

7. Use srub before shower gel.

It is nonconventional approach, but it works. The srub effectively peels all died-off parts of skin, and gel effectively cleans pores from pollution. The main thing, be not fond of scrubbing too strongly. In week there will be quite enough couple of times.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team