How to prevent baldness

How to prevent baldness

In the modern world the problem of loss of hair became very current. Both strong, and weak half of mankind has faced it. There is a lot of reasons of deterioration in condition of hair and head skin, beginning from stresses and bad ecology, and finishing with diseases and uncontrolled intake of medications. If you had had problems with hair – they have begun to become thinner, drop out, bald spots were formed, you need to provide competent care. Take advice to minimize problems and to prevent baldness.


  1. Try not to use the hair dryer without emergency. Impact on hair and head skin hot air leads to thinning, fragility and hair loss. You dry hair in the natural way, do not subject them to additional stress.
  2. Protect hair from hit of sunshine. Excessive influence by ultraviolet does strong harm. Hair become brittle, dim, dry, lose the elasticity and flexibility. Being in the sun, use headdresses. Apply special sun-protection sprays, shampoos, masks and gels to hair.
  3. Avoid impact of chemicals on hair and head skin. Any chemical processes, whether it be coloring of hair or chemical wave, cause damage. After such influence the hair are injured and begin to drop out.
  4. Stimulate head skin with massage. It is possible to do light massage by fingers of hands, to apply special gels or conditioners. Thanks to blood circulation improvement, intake of nutrients to roots of hair amplifies and growth of hair improves.
  5. Remove headdress if in it there is no need. Because of damage of hair follicle the hair begin to break and drop out. If the profession is connected with constant wearing helmets or helmets, the risk of emergence of bald spots on the top is high.
  6. Use in food products, vitamin-rich and microelements, promoting improvement of food and structure of hair. Almonds, oranges, eggs, milk, beef, fish sword – are useful to skin and hair.
  7. After washing of the head rinse hair with broths of herbs. It is possible to use: nettle, camomile and calendula. For improvement of growth of hair rub calendula tincture in head skin. The procedure is recommended to be repeated every other day.
  8. Use the special masks feeding roots of hair. Masks, ready to application, can be bought in pharmacy chain. The house recipe of mask for hair with aloe and honey. Squeeze out 2 tablespoons of juice of fleshy leaves of aloe, mix it with 1 yolk and 1 tablespoon of honey. Apply on dry hair for 1 hour. Wash out, apply balm and rinse. The mask can be done several times a week.
  9. Avoid stresses. Hair are very sensitive to lack of vitamins, and nervous overloads in addition reduce their contents in organism. By the way, stresses - the most common cause of baldness.
  10. Protect health of hair, competently look after them and be beautiful!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team