How to prevent emergence of extensions at pregnancy

How to prevent emergence of extensions at pregnancy

Some women face such problem as striya (extension). They can appear for various reasons, including during pregnancy. The thing is that at this time at future mother the high level of hormone of progesterone and estrogen is observed, because of it activity of cages which are responsible for production of elastin and collagen considerably decreases. Considerable role is played here also by skin stretching. Of course, it is better to prevent any disease, than to treat.


1. Surely reconsider the diet. Food has to be balanced. Drink a day at least two liters of liquid (of course if you have no hypostases). Reduce consumption of such microelements as carbohydrates which contain in confectionery, for example. Also limit intake of salt and sugar. Of course, you should not refuse them absolutely, but it is necessary to reduce consumption to minimum.

2. Use more products rich with zinc, for example, fish, nuts, beef, bean, grain bread. Also include in the daily diet carrots, orange, lemon, milk as these products are rich with vitamin C, And.

3. You watch the weight, write down indicators in notebook better. You should not gather or throw off kilograms "jumps", everything has to be smoothly. Do light massage on problem zones by means of special brush, only try to be extremely accurate at massage of stomach.

4. The contrast shower will help with fight against extensions. But remember that it is not necessary to alternate ice and hot water, enough slightly cool and warm.

5. Also pick up to yourself the comfortable underwear made of natural fabrics. You wear it for all day. Remember that your skin needs support therefore stop the choice on bra which tightens and does not constrain breast.

6. Get prenatal bandage. As a rule, its use can prevent emergence of extensions in stomach. Consider that it is not recommended to carry it constantly, let's skin have a rest, for example, during sleep.

7. Play sports. Of course, you should not exhaust yourself with trainings, being engaged in athletics or run, you remember that it is contraindicated. Foot walks not only will well affect condition of skin, but will affect well your health and health of your future kid.

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