How to prevent growing of hair

How to prevent growing of hair

of hair on body even zealous adherents of natural appearance do not neglect. There are different ways of epilation. But whatever method you used, undesirable consequences in the form of the grown hairs can be serious problem. It is better to try to prevent growing of hair, than to get rid of consequences.


  1. Make peeling some days before the expected procedure. Use the qualitative peeling means. Srubs will remove the horny and died off parts of skin and will raise even small and thin hairs which will be easier to be removed then. It is possible to prepare srub and in house conditions, for example, on the basis of ground coffee or oat flakes.
  2. Take hot shower before epilation. Rub skin rough bast or special rigid mitten for shower. It will allow to open time and will facilitate removal of undesirable hair. Do not use shower gel or soap. Use of detergents before removal of hair can cause irritation on skin.
  3. Use only the sharp razor if you prefer to shave hair. If you use epilator, clean hairs from the device mechanism after each procedure thoroughly. Surely disinfect epilator before each removal of hair.
  4. You make removal of hair only in the direction of their growth if you use the razor. Show consideration for the choice of shaving foam, especially if you have sensitive skin.
  5. Use special lotions and sprays for delay of growth of hair. They moisturize and soften the skin and allow hairs grow normally.
  6. You wear linen from natural fabrics. You watch that the clothes were not too dense and squeezed skin.
  7. Try to change way of epilation from time to time. If you always used only epilator, try hot or cold wax. If at your arsenal there is only razor for a long time, replace it with epilator.
  8. Address the expert in beauty shop if all methods have not saved you from problem of growing of hair. Especially if you have irritations and suppurations in those places where the hair grows under skin.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team