How to prevent pimples

How to prevent pimples

Problems with skin can disturb at any age. It is influenced by both improper feeding, and bad ecology, and water which we daily wash face. However it is possible to prevent emergence of undesirable inflammations - pimples. It is necessary to follow some rules.


1. Avoid use of usual, alkaline soap. The fact is that it strongly dries skin.

2. Do not drag out inflammatory processes with treatment even if it is common cold. During cold the immunity is weakened that too can affect appearance of pimples.

3. Minimize use of decorative cosmetics. Especially it concerns means of correction of inflammations: liquid foundation, powder, pencils proofreaders, etc. Select similar means individually, it is desirable to get previously advice of the professional dermatologist, cosmetologist.

4. Exclude consumption of greasy, salty and sweet food. Improper feeding stimulates obstruction of time, and it leads to appearance of pimples.

5. Hormonal and contraceptive medicines have also negative effect on our skin. If in organism there is hormonal failure, it will surely be reflected in your skin. Talk about it to the gynecologist. He will correctly pick up to you contraceptives.

6. Do not forget to purify skin. If your skin is inclined to appearance of pimples, choose means for the fat and combined skin. Soft srub - the excellent decision! 2-3 times a week, after preliminary clarification by gel or tonic apply it.

7. Do not worry! It is known that all sores at us from nerves. Internal tranquility and confidence - withdrawal from any provision.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team