How to prevent sitting of hair

How to prevent sitting of hair

The gray hair in hair arises owing to loss of pigment by them – melanin. The gray hair is more often shown after 35 flyings, but quite often it is found in young people who are not thirty years old. As it is almost impossible to stop this process, it is worth worrying delaying emergence of gray hair in advance.

It is required to you

  • - mint;
  • - lavender;
  • - melissa;
  • - the sprouted wheat;
  • - parsley juice;
  • - urticaceous broth.


  1. One of the main reasons for which hair lose the pigment are stresses. It is almost impossible to avoid them at modern way of life therefore it is necessary to learn to keep composure in any situation. With it you can be helped by occupations yoga and meditation. Learn to relax and forget about troubles: walk more often, go on nature, communicate with friends and relatives. Surely you find time for hobby – hobby well helps to distract from problems. It will be useful to take every other day the calming heat baths with essential oils – mints, lavenders or melissa.
  2. Also some diseases can provoke early canities: pathologies of thyroid gland, nervous breakdowns, metabolic disorders. Therefore in risk group there are those who have the corresponding diagnosis or genetic tendency to these diseases. Such people need to watch carefully over the health and to carry out all doctor's instructions.
  3. Also the lack of useful substances can be the cause of premature canities of hair: vitamins of group B, E and folic acid and also iron, zinc and selenium. From this it follows that strict diets which you should not abuse can provoke premature canities. You watch balance of the diet, take the polyvitaminic drugs. Certain products will help to delay canities: at your menu there have to be beef and eggs, fish, walnuts, spinach, berries (cherry, sweet cherry), greens.
  4. Traditional medicine advises to eat germinated seeds of wheat: 1 tablespoon of sprouts a day will be able not only to prevent emergence of gray hair, but also to slow down already begun loss process by melanin hair. The big benefit will be brought also by parsley juice: it is necessary to use it within month on 25-30 g a day.
  5. Regular use of folk remedies will help to prevent sitting of hair. One of the most effective in this situation – urticaceous broth which is recommended to be used for rinsing of hair and also regularly to rub in head skin.

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