How to protect skin from cold weather

How to protect skin from cold weather

Long winter months quite often become the real test for our skin. Low temperatures, ice wind and also dry air in hot the heated rooms can lead to peeling, reddenings and even to allergic reactions, such as cold dermatitis. To avoid all these troubles, it is necessary to ensure the correct daily leaving and optimum protection.


1. Refuse cosmetics containing alcohol and salicylic acid. Pay special attention to hygienic lipstick or lip balm. Carefully study structure: at it there should not be menthol, camphoric oil, phenol, alcohol. All these ingredients in the long term lead to bigger siccation and cause the need to grease lips in increasing frequency. Pick up face and hands cream, enriched with vitamins E, D and K.

2. Do not forget about protection of eyes! On hard frost at many eyes begin to water. Excellent exit in this case — special eye drops, so-called medicines of artificial tear. On sunny frosty days it is desirable to wear sunglasses as the intensity of the sunlight reflected from snow grows many times. Blink more often.

3. Drink more water and eat juicy fruit and vegetables. The more moisture in organism, the less it is required to you additional cosmetics.

4. Accept warm, but not hot bathtub or shower. Too hot water destroys hydrolipidic barrier of skin owing to what the organism begins to lose moisture.

5. Consume more healthy fats: nuts, avocado, fat fish. In diet of the people of Far North seafood and healthy fats prevail, it is no wonder that they are famous for magnificent skin.

6. Use humidifiers in rooms. In the winter because of work of heating systems the humidity of air in apartments can fall up to 20%. Special household appliances — humidifiers — will help to solve this problem. And advanced models with expanded set of functions in addition will also purify air in rooms.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team