How to protect skin in cold season

How to protect skin in cold season

Cold season can become the real test for skin. Wind, temperature differences, dry and prickly air, lack of vitamins, the sun and nutrients very negatively affect condition of integuments. How to help skin? How to keep her health?

In many respects integuments perform protective function, assume numerous negative impact from the environment. In especially rainy weather skin literally demands that have taken care of it. It can be done in different ways. For a start itself should impart some useful habits, part from which will be relevant and not only in the period of rains, snow or frost.

It is worth accustoming itself to humidify and nourish well skin in the morning and before going to bed. However in autumn and winter time it is not recommended to wash actively hard water from under the crane or to use tonics/lotions with alcohol content. Such actions will only do much harm to skin, will even stronger overdry. It is better to choose option of nutritious milk, to use the Korean toners and it is obligatory to use suitable fat cream.

For the period of cold weather it is necessary to put away away all rough towels. To wipe, promakivat the person, hands, the body costs soft, fluffy fabric. It is necessary to watch that integuments were not damp, especially before exit to the street. It will reduce risk of crusting of skin.

It is necessary to include more healthy food in the daily diet, at the same time having completely removed alcohol. During cold season of year the organism in general very much is in great need in useful nutrients, microelements and vitamins. It is also worth drinking more waters within a day that there was no minimum hint on obezvozhennost even.

In the fall and in the winter air in rooms becomes very dry, electrified. It perniciously affects state not only skin, but also nails, hair. Frequent airing of rooms can affect also negatively, from the street the cold and aggressive air flow gets into rooms. It is better to buy for himself special humidifier which will balance situation.

It is worth showing consideration for the clothes. Woolen and prickly things can irritate in addition the skin therefore it is better to refuse them. Knitted and fabric gloves / mittens are recommended to be replaced with any more dense options, for example, on leather or suede. Protection of hands will be so higher during frost and wind. The synthetic clothes can negatively influence integuments too therefore in the winter, as well as in the flying, it is better to choose products from the natural and breathing fabrics which, however, have to keep heat. Never you should refuse scarf, being going to the street. This subject of clothes can successfully protect chin, nose, lips and cheeks from strong wind and precipitation.

It is impossible to forget about the correct day regimen. It is necessary to eat, sleep well enough time, to be engaged in relaxation. Unrationed day, abundance of stresses negatively influence health, the skin very sensitively reacts to some similar influences. Being exhausted in cold season, integuments can suffer from stress and tension even stronger.

It is worth refusing for a while water procedures with too hot water. And also to exclude dry decorative cosmetics during winter season.

  • Before exit from the house it is recommended to use special hand, face, body creams which are intended for protection of integuments in cold season.
  • It is necessary to refuse use of lumpy soap, it very strongly dries skin during any season. It is better to replace it with liquid soap of cream consistence or with addition of grass broths.
  • Never it is impossible to forget about hygienic lipstick. It successfully protects and nourishes gentle and thin skin of lips. For autumn and winter season it is possible to use also medical hygienic lipsticks, they are suitable for prevention, protect from emergence of cracks and herpes better.
  • Care products have to contain abundance of vitamins. It is necessary to be bought by cosmetics as a part of which there are vitamins E, D, A, K.
  • The looking after cosmetics with extracts of snail and hyaluronic acid will help skin to transfer negative impact of frost, snow, wind without any problem.
  • It is worth doing house peeling regularly. By means of such simple procedure it is easy to remove dry parts of skin which harmful influence the healthy and humidified sites.
  • During the day it is necessary to moisturize in addition the skin by means of thermal water.
  • If there is need to make face pack, then it is better to choose those options which will feed and tone up.
  • For protection of skin of hands it is possible to use simple nurseries of cream. They, as a rule, natural, in their structure are various useful components, they do not provoke allergic reaction.
  • If integuments after all have managed to suffer, it is possible to use plain vaseline as remedy. It should be applied to clean, dry skin for half an hour to dream, not to wash away.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team