How to purify dry skin

How to purify dry skin

It is necessary to care for dry skin in a special way as it is especially strongly influenced by aggressive factors of the environment. Wind, sunshine, temperature differences, conditioners dry up skin even more, on it there can be irritations, the shelled sites, painful cracks.


1. Dry skin is very sensitive, behind it the special care is necessary. Do not clean face, using tap water. It rigid can also dry up your skin stronger. Especially you should not wash hot water from the crane. Always wash face with water of room temperature. Too cold water will lead to narrowing of time, and of busy season extend therefore red spots are formed, skin to become sluggish, flabby and is strongly shelled.

2. Use cool mineral water, it preserves skin against peresushivaniye. Also try to clean face by means of mix from milk and water (in equal proportions). Do not forget to wipe face with lotion or the cleaning milk in the mornings. The milk is the neutral mix consisting of fat (content of fat of 25%), special oils and water. Thanks to such milk the dry skin will be nourished with moisture which so is not enough for it.

3. Buy bast more softly, rigid strongly irritate the skin. It is possible to do without use of bast at all, it will provide more delicate clarification of skin. Just accurately you apply gels and care products with fingers on sites of skin. It is also better to refuse soap, it is capable to delete not only dirt, but also the natural oils protecting skin. Surely make sure that you use hygienic and cosmetics with neutral pH.

4. Do not sunbathe too long in the sun, protect the sensitive skin! The humid climate is useful to you. In the mornings adopt air procedures. Before going to shower, apply the moisturizing cream to skin. Instead of cream it is possible to use sour cream, cream and butter. Besides, before washing you can purify dry skin by means of fermented milk products, such as kefir or curdled milk. They will improve condition of your skin as after their application there is acid barrier which provides not only clarification, but also food, mitigation and moistening.

5. Pay attention to your diet - it as well as cosmetics, influences skin. If you have dry skin, limit consumption of fried food and increase in the diet quantity of crude products, vitamin-rich. Animal fats and vegetable oils which are processed by high temperature are not useful to skin at all. Avoid everything that dehydrates, exclude alcohol and caffeine. Consume linseed oil of cold extraction. The fatty acids which are contained in it will bring your skin a lot of benefit.

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