How to purify silver from blackness in house conditions

How to purify silver from blackness in house conditions

Silver jewelry is popular with men and women, uses silver in household and as decor. It is known that this metal darkens over time, but the situation can be corrected. How to purify silver from blackness in house conditions, knows not everyone in spite of the fact that there is set of easy ways.

Why silver blackens?

Before learning how to purify silver from blackness in house conditions, it is necessary to deal with why it occurs.

Often process of oxidation happens because of high humidity indoors, at contact with skin, especially in hot season at the increased sweating, when bathing. Also the contact with detergents, cosmetics in which part sulfur is can be the cause of darkening.

Rubber, onions, eggs, salt also strengthen the speed of blackening of jewelry and table products from silver.

Than to clean silver when blackening? 

In household there is set of means which will help to remove blackness from silver jewelry and table silver.

Before calling the means helping to purify silver from blackness in house conditions it is necessary to notice that this metal rather soft, is easily scratched, and therefore when cleaning it is important to avoid aggressive friction, cleaning by abrasive materials.

The most popular means for purification of silver is sal ammoniac. To bleach product, it is necessary to dilute liquid ammonia spoon with two glasses of water, to add several drops of peroxide of hydrogen and to dissolve there a little usual soap. It is enough to ship silver in this solution for 10-15 min., to rub off it soft fabric and to dry.

Soda and salt will also be suitable for cleaning of silver from blackening. Couple of spoons of soda should be dissolved in two glasses of warm water, to bring to boiling. It is necessary to place silver products and small piece of foil in boiled water, to wait for about a quarter of hour, to take contents and to dry up cotton fabric. In case of use of salt for bigger effect time of keeping of silver in solution should be increased to hour.

Will help to purify the darkened silver citric acid which is often used by hostesses for preparation of pastries. 50 grams of means need to be filled in with glass of water and to put solution on water bath, having added copper piece. In half an hour after the placing in such solution the silver products will gain former gloss. Means should be washed away water, and to dry up silver.

Vinegar will also help with house conditions to purify silver from blackness. Weak solution needs to be applied with soft fabric on silver products, rubbing. Instantly they will become lighter and will please further the owners.

For silver cleaning many recommend to use useful properties of such popular drink as Kola. To purify with it silver, it is necessary to boil drink with products about five minutes. Residues of solution wash away usual water then jewelry and devices of silver dry.

Less sparing means used by hostesses to purify silver from blackening – toothpaste, tooth-powder mix with liquid ammonia, lipstick, eraser. Gloss appears as a result of friction, and therefore at frequent use of these means of product from silver can become less attractive because of scratches. 

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