How to purify skin with soda

How to purify skin with soda

Baking soda finds broad application in life, including, in cosmetology. On its basis it is possible to prepare means for washing, srub or mask for face care. Such means quickly clean pores from black dots and pimples.

The chemical formula of baking soda — NaHCO3 — causes efficiency of this means in face skin care. As it is easy to notice, sodium, hydrogen, carbon and oxygen is part of hydrosodium carbonate.

  • Hydrogen and oxygen form water which smoothes influence of active components.
  • Carbon normalizes work of sebaceous glands that saves skin from greasy luster and cleans pores.
  • Sodium strengthens effect of carbon and accelerates assimilation of components.

On the basis of soda it is possible to add various readily available products to cosmetics to soften or strengthen effect of medicine.

Even with such habitual product as baking soda, it is necessary to work carefully. Violation of compounding at production of mask or srub, misuse of the received means can result in boomerang effect, allergy or chemical burn. Therefore for safe holding cosmetology procedures with soda it is important to follow the following rules at home.

  • Do not use the delayed or dampened soda for preparation of care products for skin.
  • If in structure water is necessary, apply the peeled or mineral still water.
  • Before beginning cosmetic procedures, test the prepared structure on less noticeable site of skin. If within hour there is no irritation or other unpleasant feelings, the structure can use safely.
  • For the greatest efficiency use masks on the skin which is steamed out and purified with srub.
  • Soda masks are applied to skin the circular massing movements during couple of minutes, then wait for 5-10 minutes and washed away warm water or broth of herbs.
  • It is impossible to use masks and srubs on the basis of soda more often than one-two times a week not to injure skin.
  • Similar structures are not suitable for processing of area century and lips.

It is the most effective to apply structures on the basis of baking soda to oily skin care. They allow to clean pores and to get rid of pimples, eels, black dots. Generally soda masks work more effectively than usual srubs at the expense of active components.

Nevertheless, the same components are contraindicated for the dry, injured and sensitive skin care. In certain cases it is possible to weaken aggressive effect of substance, having diluted house means with olive oil, kefir or other emollient components, but it is possible to use such cosmetics not more often than two times a month.

In house conditions on the basis of soda it is possible to prepare lotion for washing, srub and mask. For this purpose it is enough to dilute soda with water. To reach more expressed effect, add salt, sugar, activated carbon, juice of citrus, hydrogen peroxide to structure. As means significantly dries skin, after the procedure it is desirable to use the moisturizing cream.

It is the most effective to apply soda cosmetics to treatment of acne and removal of black dots. Medicines can be used as course, every three days, and as required, but is not more often than once a week. After ten sessions it is necessary to take break not less, than for two weeks.

For preparation of means for washing dilute soda teaspoon in glass of water or grass broth. Such structure can be used daily as concentration of active agent in it is minimum.

The srub mask allows to clean pores deeply. For its preparation it is necessary to dissolve soda with water, liquid soap or shower gel to condition of gruel. The received structure mass face skin, avoiding eye area and lips.

The recipe of this cleaning means differs from classical in addition of equal amount of fine-grained salt. The received structure not only cleans, but also revitalizes skin as salt differs in antiseptic properties. Instead of water in this srub it is possible to use children's or laundry soap, the shower gel moisturizing cream, lotion for washing, shaving foam or olive oil.

On the basis of soda it is simple to prepare various masks for face skin. Depending on additional components, it is possible to achieve intensive cleaning of time, to reduce inflammation, to rejuvenate or bleach skin, to refresh complexion. The moistening and nutritious masks are intended for people with dry or gentle skin.

This structure is applied to mitigation and skin nourishment and also smoothing of wrinkles. For preparation it is necessary to mix soda pinch with tablespoon of liquid honey and the same amount of cream not less than 30% fat. The received means is suitable for purification of dry and gentle leather.

To prepare this mask, it is necessary to crush oat flakes in the coffee grinder or mortar. The glass of the received flour is connected to teaspoon of salt and parted with water to consistence of gruel. Mix perfectly cleans pores and supplies skin cells with vitamins and nutrients.

Peroxide of hydrogen is widely used in house cosmetology thanks to the anti-inflammatory, wound healing and disinfecting properties. Not to injure skin, use 3% peroxide solution: part with it to gruel soda teaspoon. This mask is suitable for effective and fast treatment of acne.

The modern rhythm of life tires not only nervous system, but also skin. To refresh complexion, to be loaded with energy and to eliminate undesirable pigmentation, prepare house soda mask with citrus juice, mixing components in equal proportions. In this structure use both orange, and lemon juice, being guided by own tastes. Besides cosmetology action, this structure is useful as aromatherapy.

This mask is used in emergency situations when other srubs and lotions do not cope with skin pollution. The following components are its part:

  • 1 teaspoon of soda;
  • protein of one egg;
  • 1 tablespoon of strawberry puree;
  • 1 tablespoon of honey;
  • 2 tablespoons of natural yogurt or kefir;
  • 2 tablespoons of the crushed almonds.

Possible ways of preparation of care products for the person are not exhausted above-mentioned. Having understood cosmetology action of various components, you will be able to prepare own masks for improvement of skin or to choose the checked cleaning structure taking into account individual requirements.

Whether you use house recipes for skin care or prefer saloon means? Whether you tried to use masks and srubs on the basis of soda? Share the experience also councils in comments!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team