How to put bang

How to put bang

Owners of bangs are quite often cried that do not know how it to style hair. The beautiful bang threshes, makes the girl playful and stylish in case the hostess has found the way bridle rebellious locks on forehead. How it is beautiful to put bang?


  1. If you are fan of style of the eightieth, then to comb extravagant and impudent bang as it was done then, it is possible. Apply skin or mousse on hair. You dry phenom, stacking and winding bang on round big hairbrush, extending locks on all length. Air flow at the same time is directed from top to down. Raise bang at the roots to the maximum, continuing to scroll brush in hand. The current of air from the hair dryer at the same time is directed from below up. Separate upper part of hair of bang flat hairbrush and raise. Begin to comb lock movements from top to down before formation of bunch. Repeat the same with the lower part of hair. From above the combed hair need to be smoothed slightly, and on each side to lay in lock. The long ends can be fixed by clip. Plentifully fill in all construction with varnish. Such bang will long keep, even on wind.
  2. If you the fan of natural beauty, choose the option sparing hair. Modern methods of laying of bang are less extravagant, but they only benefit from it in the loyalty. Laying of bang depends on shape of face and locks. It is important to pick up bang type correctly. Visually expands and adjusts face form if it narrow or oval, direct bang. Mousse is applied on hair then they dry phenom and are extended on all length by round brush. The high forehead favourably looks with the direct bang which is coming to an end below eyebrows. The low forehead will be decorated by the locks beginning from the top. it is beautiful therefore use the hair dryer and means for laying. After that wax or gel undertakes, and locks of hair keep within in the necessary direction. Sometimes for fixing of separate locks it is possible to use soft cream. At the same time do laying by fingers of hands.
  3. To understand how it is correct to look after your type of hair and bang, look how it is done by the expert in salon. Until the master conjures with hairstyle, adopt at him the equipment and methods of laying.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team