How to put friable shadows

How to put friable shadows

In make-up of eyes which does look by more expressive and bright, important element shadows are, and each girl can choose that type of shadows which suits it. There is different eye shadow – they are compact, liquid and also friable.


  1. Advantage of friable shadows before all other types is that thanks to the silky and smooth structure, they lay down on eyelid skin better and also they can be mixed among themselves, receiving unusual color transitions in make-up. For the first time drawing friable shadows can seem difficult, but actually it is not so difficult to cope with it. Before doing make-up on eyes, powder face and also apply powder on area under eyes that the excess shadows showered from brush were easier to be removed from skin.
  2. For drawing friable shadows use soft squirrel brush. Dip brush in shadows and easily stir up it to remove surplus, and then accurately process eyelid. In order that the make-up was more resistant and beautiful, the brush with shadows can be moistened with water slightly.
  3. If the brush seems to you inconvenient, you can try to put shadows with fingertips. Shadows well stick to skin therefore they are showered at such method less, than from brush and besides, by means of fingers you will be able to create that intensity of color and shading which you want. It is easy to remove the showered parts of shadows from skin with clean brush for powder.
  4. In order that shadows have laid down on eyelids exactly and accurately, without gathering in lumps, and the make-up kept long time, before drawing make-up impose on eyelids base under shadows.
  5. You apply base to the moisturized skin, previously having greased it with cream and you never cause base more than in one layer, otherwise the make-up will seem unnatural.
  6. The shade of base under shadows has to match completely the color of your skin – then the base will be imperceptible. You watch that the base did not get on eyelashes and distribute it evenly, from the line of growth of eyelashes to eyebrows. Remove surplus with dry napkin.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team