How to put in order heels by flying

How to put in order heels by flying

After long and cold winter, skin becomes drier and rough, especially on stupnyakh. And putting on for the first time summer open shoes or sandals, you with chagrin notice that appearance the Piglet leaves much to be desired. Fortunately, all this is reparable. There are reliable and checked methods capable to make even the most coarsened heels soft and pink, as at the baby.

That without cares and stesneniye from boots to jump into summer sandals, it is necessary to think of beauty and health of your legs in advance. Therefore for stupnyam which not in sight, but always in hard work, it is necessary to look after carefully and constantly all year. Then to put in order heels by flying will not make for you work. And if on the street of heat, and your heels with yellow, coarsened or even the cracked skin, then begin to act quickly.

The "laziest" and effective option is to visit beauty shop and to make qualitative pedicure. When your Piglet is strongly started, it will be possible to bring them to perfect condition only for several cosmetic sessions. Hardware pedicure where processing of all fingers and nails, removal of callosities and natoptyshy enters. In addition will offer you paraffinotherapy, massage of feet, other useful and acceptable procedures. But visit of beauty shop has also the minuses. Such campaign will take away your time and money. If you have deficiency of any given, it is possible to prepare by own efforts foot for flying of the house.

Feet baths have to be the first procedure of house pedicure. Pour hot water (40-43 degrees) in basin, add liquid soap and 2-3 drops of essential oil there. Take legs in will of 10-15 minutes. Then use pumice. She will remove the most coarsened layer of old skin. Blot clean legs with terry towel and let's them dry. When your Piglet is absolutely dry, take file for processing of heels and large "grater" qualitatively grind skin of feet, especially in places natoptyshy and old dry callosities. It is the best of all to do it in the bathroom since there will be many dust from dead skin. It is periodically possible to moisten a little skin of feet, but not file. After the procedure of grinding rinse legs under warm water and plentifully apply nutritious cream or special mask for softening of skin of feet on feet. After that put on cotton socks and you wear their several watch. It is the best of all to do such procedure before going to bed and to go to bed in socks. It is necessary to make similar house peeling 2 times a week, and to wash legs and to grease them with the nutritious and softening cream - every day before going to bed. In such a way you will be able to put in order heels by flying in 10 - 12 days.

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