How to put on hair on hairpins

How to put on hair on hairpins

Hair on hairpins will allow you to extend and give volume to own head of hear. They are convenient for issue, on action, for appointment or just campaign on a visit. Will give to your shape the real Hollywood chic. It is possible to put on hair on hairpins clip-on earrings independently, conforming to the simple rules.

It is required to you

  • - locks on clip-on earrings (hairpins);
  • - hairbrush;
  • - claw clip for raising and fixing of own hair.


  1. For creation of distinguished shape choose the hair on hairpins corresponding on color to your natural hair. Buy the long soft locks executed from natural or artificial hair. Pay attention to their external state: do not get cheap hair - they quickly will become unusable. If you want to do unusual hair, stop the choice on flowers, other than your main tone. Thus, you receive extra-fashion the hairstyle attracting genuine interest of people around.
  2. Make horizontal hair parting below nape. Fix the bulk of the hair by hairpin on the top. If it is impossible independently, ask the girlfriend/relative to help you. The hair parting has to be equal.
  3. Take strip with hair. On all its extent open hairpins clip-on earrings. The silicone tape located under them it will be reliable to fix artificial locks on the head.
  4. Bring hair on hairpins to the made hair parting. It is necessary to fix them on own hair as it is possible closer to the head skin bared by hair parting. At first fix the central hairpin (scoop hairpin cloves own hair and close it). Similarly arrive with the clip-on earrings located at the edges of the fixing strip. At the same time do not stretch artificial hair strongly, let the free space sag a little – it will not influence good fixing at all.
  5. After fixing of the first strip make the second hair parting. For this purpose let the hair down, recede from the first hair parting about three centimeters and again fix by hairpin the remained hair. Choose strip of artificial hair with four hairpins. In the first case it was used with three. Increase in width is necessary for creation of most realistic "drawing" of growth of hair. Put on hair on hairpins in the same way as for the first time.
  6. Make the following hair parting at the level of tops of your ears. This part of the head also rather wide therefore the tape with hair on four hairpins is used. Fix it on the hair similarly previous.
  7. Let fastened with hairpin hair down. Make the last hair parting for putting on of hair on the top. Do not forget that artificial hair have to be attached to the presents and also "be covered" with them from above. For the top the strip with three clip-on earrings is used.
  8. Process hair on hairpins side parts of the head. Make hair parting several centimeters higher than temples. For fastening use hair with two hairpins. Recede to steam of centimeters from the real hair framing face. Thus, artificial locks will give nothing themselves and will just create the additional volume and length.
  9. Attach the remained locks (on one clip) as required. They can be placed in the area behind auricles or on temples. You watch that they did not settle down on the external line of hair and did not frame face. Also, if you have step hairstyle, watch closely symmetry of arrangement of artificial locks.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team