How to put srub

How to put srub

Srubs – special means for skin which delete dead cells stimulate blood circulation and lead to the fact that skin becomes equal, gentle and is opaque shines. Srubs consist of basis – cream, cosmetic oil, gel, divorced clay, etc. – and the peeling particles can be it. These particles can be as natural – sugar, salt, coffee thick, oat flakes, etc., and artificial polyethylene granules with the rounded edges.


1. You treat with attention recommendations about use of any given srub. If you have sensitive skin of body, it is possible to apply to it peeling to the person, but it is not recommended to clean face body scrubs at all. The fact is that in peelings for body, as a rule, the peeling particles are larger and more rigid, in face scrubs – it is less and more softly.

2. To put srub on face, take away hair under bandage back, or pin up them. Take a little srub on palm (less than a half of coffee spoon) and if it insufficiently liquid, dilute with warm water a little. Finger-tips, circular movements, put peeling on face. Begin with nose and the T-zone, process cheeks, then go down to chin and pay special attention to it. Avoid eye area – there too thin skin and the cleaning parts can do much harm it.

3. Wet special bast for the person or small soft terry towel, remove peeling particles from skin by means of fabric or bast. Wash away srub gradually, also circular movements as they stimulate blood circulation. Repeat the procedure several times, periodically rinsing towel or bast.

4. Rinse face with cool water. Dry up it, pressing soft dry fabric to the person, do not wipe at all. Apply the soft moisturizing cream suitable for your type of skin.

5. If you have oily skin of the person, apply srubs at least 2 times a week. At dry and sensitive face skin, especially during the winter period, once in 7, and even 10 days is enough.

6. To scrub body, it is possible to use self-made peelings on the basis of sugar, coarse sea salt, coffee thick and vegetable oil. Mix 1 part of oil on 2 parts of the scrubbing substance. Add aromatic oils. It is convenient to apply srub on body by means of special cotton glove or mitten.

7. Get up in bathtub and begin to apply srub to dry skin of body – so it works best of all, but if you like to do scrubbing on moist skin is your choice. Distribute about 1 tablespoon of srub after shot sleeve or palm and begin to rub it on all body, slight circular motions. In this case the rule works – rise to heart, that is first of all apply srub on legs, and then on trunk and hands. In those places where skin thin – stomach, breast, neck – add a little shower gel to srub. There where skin is thicker – foot, elbows, knees – apply more efforts.

8. Wash away srub by means of water and shower gel. Apply the moisturizing cream. It is necessary to use body scrub not more often than 1-2 times a week.

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