How to put the cook

How to put the cook

Thematic to party in style of the 50th demand not only the stylized suits with tight trousers and bright ties, but also the corresponding hairstyles. The most popular men's laying for stylish young people of that time – the famous cook. Dandies of the past combed hair and fixed them sugar water, paste and even silicate glue. Today's dandies in stock have more sparing and effective remedies for creation of the correct image.

It is required to you

  • - hair dryer with flat nozzle;
  • - hairbrush brush with rare teeths;
  • - mousse for laying;
  • - strong hold hairspray.


  1. The qualitative cook demands the correct hairstyle with rather long hair on front part of the head and shortly short-haired nape. For completeness of image it is possible to issue narrow tanks – however, they approach not each face type.
  2. Wash up the head and carefully dry it towel. From dirty hair the qualitative cook will not turn out – they are too heavy and flat. Apply mousse of strong fixing on slightly damp locks, having carefully rubbed it in roots.
  3. You dry head of hear phenom, directing current of air in front back and combing hair fingers. Raise them that the hairstyle turned out volume. Dry whisky, combing locks upward and holding the hair dryer most close to the head. In the last turn process nape. Correctly dried up voluminous hair, moderately fluffy, locks is abruptly raised it is necessary forehead.
  4. Carefully brush locks with brush, trying not to trample down volume. Stir up barrel with varnish and plentifully apply means for laying on side part of the head. Palm smooth hair, raising them up. In the same way process other side of the head.
  5. Be engaged in the cook. Spray varnish on front part of hair and accurately smooth the sticking-out hairs. Turn on the hair dryer on low power and slightly dry hair. Repeat the procedure. Use hairbrush minimum – the main tools for laying – your palms. Concern volume locks easily, and hair on the top and nape can be trampled down more intensively.
  6. Do not feel sorry for varnish – on the good cook third of bottle of means can leave. After every portion smooth hair, forming laying. Both hands press whisky, running hands towards the top. Give the form to abrupt wave it is necessary forehead – with circular motions slightly press down it the opened palms.
  7. Wait for full drying of varnish and check laying fortress, pomotav the head. Correctly laid cook should not move – only then you can be sure that he will not collapse during dances.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team