How to put vitamin A on face

How to put vitamin A on face

Retinolum, or vitamin A - effective means for age skin. It starts regeneration processes, promotes updating of epidermis, provides beautiful complexion. The healthy nutrition and nutritional supplements will help to provide the necessary amount of vitamin. However it can be applied and outwardly. Buy capsules with oil solution of vitamin A and add it to masks, tonics and creams.


1. The advantage of external use of vitamin A is obvious. Retinolum possesses powerful antioxidant action, increases skin density, does it elastic and elastic. Vitamin is capable to update the skin affected by influence of ultraviolet rays, it helps to peel the died-off cages and to smooth wrinkles.

2. The easiest way is to buy the ready cream enriched with vitamin A. Look for the most effective remedies among pharmaceutical brands. The night creams which are well restoring and rejuvenating face are especially useful. Such cosmetics should not use to the girls who have not reached 30-35 years, similar means are not intended for young skin.

3. If the necessary product was not, make it independently. Buy in drugstore of the capsule with oil solution of vitamin A. Puncture one capsule and add contents to cream. It is desirable to choose the means of light consistence which is not containing active components. Remember that vitamin A is badly combined with fruit acids and essential oils.

4. Carefully mix cream and put it on all face, neck and area of decollete. If skin is very sensitive, previously make the test on bend of elbow or brush. On the eyelids inclined to hypostases, it is better not to put means with vitamin A. Cream turns out rather fat therefore intensively drive in it with finger-tips, and blot the rest with soft napkin.

5. Vitamin can be used also at preparation of house masks. Try the recipe which will enrich skin with nutrients, will make it soft and smooth. Pound egg yolk and a half honey teaspoon, add a little oatmeal and 1 capsule of oil solution of vitamin A. Apply mask to carefully cleaned face skin and necks, avoiding eye area and lips. In 20 minutes wash away mask warm water and rinse cold. Masks with yeast, carrot or sea-buckthorn juice, sour cream or cottage cheese are very useful. Too it is possible to add vitamin A to them.

6. One more method of application - house srubs. Crush oat flakes. Add to them half of teaspoon of olive oil and the capsule of oil solution of vitamin A. Mix mix, apply it to moist face skin and carefully massage finger-tips. Carefully wash away porridge warm water. After such processing the face looks very fresh and well-groomed, skin turns pink, pores are narrowed. Instead of oat flakes it is possible to use coffee thick, salt or granulated sugar.

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