How to raise bang

How to raise bang

Beautifully laid bang is capable to turn daily hairstyle into original and bright addition of your image and also to focus attention on advantages of your appearance and your make-up. How to recover the shape by means of unusually laid bang, and how to do hair more magnificently and more volume, having changed the image by means of bang, you learn from this article.


  1. The volume bang can favourably emphasize both short hairstyle, and long hair. With its help it is possible to make visually fine and limp hair it is more dense and more beautiful, and you can vary bang type depending on the shape of face. You will suit thick and deep bangs to modify narrow and low forehead, and the long bang falling below eyebrows will distract attention from large nose, focusing attention in the eyes.
  2. If you have small features, you will suit the asymmetric bang combed sideways. If you have thick and heavy hair, do tapering and give preference to the graduated hairstyles. They will keep volume and will give to hairstyle ease.
  3. Striking example of fashionable laying for volume bang are different styles of retrolaying. Having collected hair in bunch on nape, comb bang forward and slightly twist it nippers that the bang has got noticeable curl.
  4. Twist the hair processed by skin for laying on large hair curlers. Having removed hair curlers, comb the turned-out curls and lay bang by means of skin, having combed it as it is possible more magnificently and having combed on one side.
  5. It will be informal and unusual to look the volume pile on all length of hair passing into bang and recorded by gel.
  6. If you have thick and long bangs, you can lay it in fashionable Pompadour style. Take the hair dryer, hairpins, small hairbrush and round brush. Process the washed-up hair mousse for laying and allocate the square site of hair from the top to forehead.
  7. Fix the site by hairpin and dry up hair, using round brush. Remove hairpin, and divide the allocated lock into three horizontal parallel each other layer. Dry up each of them, separately reeling up on round brush, raising from roots to tips.
  8. Pin up hairpins temporal locks, having combed them back. By means of small hairbrush make pile on bang and sprinkle it varnish for fixing.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team