How to raise cheeks

How to raise cheeks

With age cheeks lose elasticity and droop. It, undoubtedly, upsets both women, and men – there is a strong wish to look beautifully and young. How to raise cheeks and to give them tone? For this purpose there are very simple and effective exercises.

It is required to you

  • patience


1. Sit down exactly and provide that on the middle of upper lip there is small point. Imagine the second point on lower lip, in the center. Slightly open mouth and stretch these points down and up. You watch that the mouth formed oval. Try to hold it, pressing upper lip to teeth and having placed forefingers on cheeks.

2. Smile mouth corners, trying to feel the movement of cheeks. Do not allow developing of pain in jaws. Work not jaw, but the upper lip which is densely pressed to teeth.

3. Strain muscles of cheeks, trying to pull corners of lips up up. You watch that the forehead did not screw up the face.

4. Press fingers skin in couple of centimeters from ears and strongly extend lips. After that relax the person and smile. Several times strongly inflate cheeks, and then let out the air.

5. Put chin on fists and try to raise it. That is fists you aim to raise the head, the chin has to resist this action.

6. Roll air as if massing cheeks from within in mouth. After that replace air with language, carrying out massage of teeth and gums.

7. Blink the eyes, trying to involve only lower eyelids, you look up. Raise cheeks, trying to obtain smile upper lip.

8. Lay down on back, slightly open mouth so that the oval has turned out. Put forefingers on upper part of cheeks. Smile, using only mouth corners.

9. Being in prone position, slightly raise the head, connecting neck muscles in front. At the same time strain gluteuses. After that put lips tubule and exhale air, trying to obtain relaxation of face muscles and neck.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team