How to raise hair at roots

How to raise hair at roots

Each woman wants to look good always. One of the most important aspects in faultless appearance is the hairstyle. It is necessary to know some cunnings to raise hair at roots, and then laying will be ideal.


  1. Wash up the head. If hair are polluted, they will not manage to be raised. Apply special shampoos for the volume of hair. When washing the head you do not apply balm or mask directly on roots, otherwise these means will make heavier hair, and volume will quickly fall down. Then apply on the wet head of means for laying. It can be the skin or mousse. Dose them, otherwise hair will become bound together and will take not well-groomed form. After that divide them into locks and by means of the hair dryer raise hair at roots. You hold the hair dryer so that air flow went to hair from below to roots, and not vice versa. Record hairstyle varnish, and your volume will keep long time.
  2. Use hair curlers for giving of volume to hair. It is better to get hair curlers with the large diameter that volume has been noticeable. Previously also use means for laying. If you hurry, then it is possible to dry phenom hair with hair curlers, and in 15-20 minutes you will raise hair at roots.
  3. It is possible to raise hair at roots with the help to the head. Only be accurate as at this procedure the condition of hair considerably worsens.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team