How to raise hair, avoiding curlies and wave

How to raise hair, avoiding curlies and wave

The volume natural hairstyle helps to look younger, more magnificent and more beautiful. Using mousse, the hair dryer or pile, it is possible to receive magnificent mane even from fine hair without wave.

Perhaps, the chief assistant in receiving magnificent hairstyle is special mousse for giving to volume hair without wave. That effectively to use it, wash up the head shampoo for the volume of hair if near at hand it has not appeared, use any other. If usually after washing of hair you apply balms or masks, apply them on all length of hair, without mentioning roots that then there were no problems with rise.

Try to use shampoos without silicones, silicones make heavier hair, smooth them, but deprive of volume.

Dry hair, take a little mousse or skins for laying and apply on roots of hair, at once distribute on locks that hair have not stuck together, repeat the procedure, you will not process all roots yet. Avoid too large portions of mousse, otherwise your hair will look out-of-condition. During drawing means mass the head, trying to raise hair finger-tips up. Now, having directed the hair dryer to roots, raise hair. Do not direct stream of warm air along growth of hair. Set result by varnish.

One more quite easy and fast way to make magnificent mane is to apply mousse on damp roots of hair, to hang the head down and forward, phenom without nozzles to dry hair, shaking up them fingers. Air has to be warm and scattered, it will help to create the necessary volume of hair. This way is suitable for issue at several o'clock, longer the result seldom keeps.

The simple option to get magnificent mane without curls and wave - big round brush of centimeters of nine in the diameter when drying to lift locks, rejecting them from the line of natural growth. It is desirable to apply at the same time means for styling on roots. At the same time it is desirable to use the hair dryer without nozzles as and in this case air flow has to be out-of-focus.

It is possible to use pile for special cases, however you should not use this equipment too often as it spoils hair.

After use of the equipment of pile, surely conduct the restoring course of hair care, use masks and balms, otherwise hair will exfoliate and break.

Separate lock of hair in the area where you want to give volume to hairstyle, and carry out by hairbrush with thin frequent cloves from tips to roots several times. Repeat this procedure with other locks. Lay as it is necessary for you. For fixing of result use varnish of strong fixing.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team