How to reach perfection Crawford

How to reach perfection Crawford

Cindi Crawford - one of the most popular and beautiful top models of the 90th years of the last century. But also now, when she is nearly 50 years old, its figure and appearance cause envy of girls and women. Cindi in excellent physical shape and perfectly looks. How to reach Crawford's perfection?


1. First, refuse addictions. Cindi does not smoke and does not drink. The model conducts healthy and active lifestyle and is balanced and eats properly. Cindi does not keep to diets, but, despite this, with height of 177 cm its parameters 86-66-89. She manages to keep such graceful form with the help of constant power supply system and sports activities.

2. The important rule of food of Cindi Crawford is not to starve. Starvation leads to the fact that the exhausted organism begins to stock from postupayemy food. Cindi eats in often small portions - at its diet there is the second breakfast and afternoon snack. This small having a snack does not allow to snatch for lunch and dinner and to be saturated in the smaller portion.

3. Eating on such system, using quality and fresh products, you will be able to support constant weight all the time. So, you will have no extensions which appear on skin at sharp weight loss. Skin of body will be elastic and elastic.

4. The day diet has to consist of 30% of fats, 30% of proteins, 40% of carbohydrates. Here approximate menu of one day of Cindi Crawford. Breakfast: fried eggs on olive oil, toast from rye bread with cheese piece. The second breakfast: small brush of grapes. Lunch: seafood soup with teaspoon of low-calorie mayonnaise, slice of rye bread, apple. Afternoon snack: 30 g of cheese, orange. Dinner: 150 g of boiled or braised beef with mushrooms, onions and greens, boiled haricot, grated cheese. For day drink not less than 2 pure liters.

5. Besides healthy nutrition, Cindi Crawford regularly plays sports. She loves foot walks, Pilates, dances, say, alternates different types of physical activity. If Cindi is engaged in the hall, then its training consists of 30 minutes of run on the racetrack and set of exercises on strengthening of various groups of muscles.

6. Cindi Crawford leads active lifestyle. The secret of perfection of Crawford is rather simple - it is necessary to love himself, to watch over the health and body, it is good to eat and enjoy life.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team