How to receive beautiful suntan

How to receive beautiful suntan

of aristocratical pallor can prove as much as necessary that skin of lileyny color is sign of health, care of itself and noble origin. However the truth is that in the opinion of most of people the equal golden suntan looks far more attractively than wax pallor. And for the present nobody cancelled advantage of solar bathtubs for health. The beautiful healthy bronze tan consists of several components.

It is required to you

  • - suntan preparations suitable you;
  • - means after suntan;
  • - soft shower gel or cream-soap.


  1. Use of means for zagaranepremenno use suntan preparations. They will allow to receive equal and beautiful shade of skin and also will protect it from drying and solar burns. On each suntan preparation the protection factor – SPF is specified. It is necessary to choose proceeding from your phototype skin. Light-eyed blondes with the thin sensitive skin of milk color beginning to burn in 5 minutes of stay in the sun should use the first 2-3 days funds from SPF 40. Further, when skin adapts a little – it is possible to replace means with the having SPF 20-30. White-skinned brown-haired women with gray, green, brown eyes should begin with funds from SPF 30, further having lowered protection factor to 15. Chestnut-colored, nutbrown hair, gray or brown eyes, skin of color of ivory – so look representatives of the third phototype. It the sun of middle latitudes is not terrible. But here for stay in the south it is necessary to take nevertheless with itself means with SPF 15-20 which can be changed further for cream with factor of protection 8-10. Dark-complexioned girls with dark hair quickly and easily sunbathe, seldom burn down and can brag of intensive suntan after couple of days on the beach. Nevertheless, use of special means in the sun is necessary for them for stay as well as to representatives of other phototypes. For them initial dose of SPF – 10, and further – 4.
  2. Use of means after zagaraispolzovaniye of means after suntan is considered optional. But it is mistake. Stay in the sun dries and the integument irritates. The components moistening, calming skin, promoting its regeneration are part of means after suntan. Before use of cream or milk after suntan it is necessary to wash away from itself sea salt and sand. At the same time it is not necessary to use srubs or soap – only soft shower gel or cream-soap.
  3. Stay time for solntsetrety component of beautiful equal suntan – careful dosage of time of stay in the sun. In the first few days it is necessary to be limited for 10-15 minutes on the beach. Further this time can be increased. It is impossible to sunbathe from 11 to 15 o'clock in the afternoon.

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