How to receive ideal waist and flat stomach

How to receive ideal waist and flat stomach

Each girl wants to be attractive and to be pleasant not only herself, but also people around. And, unfortunately, most often girls do not like their stomach therefore they begin to torment themselves with the exhausting diets which as a result can not bring benefit at all. But secretion of flat tummy and elegant waist consists in two simple, but very important things.

1. Healthy and balanced nutrition

Such food will bring benefit not only to your appearance, but also health. If you pursue the aim which is that you need to remove several kilograms, then in your diet has to be:

  • 40% - carbohydrates;
  • 40% - proteins;
  • 20% - fats.

On average in day it is necessary to use 1500 kilocalories, but this figure is very relative as each person is individual and has to calculate norm for itself.

You have to have three main meals and one or two having a snack, depending on duration of your day. Ideally between meals there should not be interval more than three hours.

Breakfast the Most volume and high-calorie meal. From the general diet makes 35%. Examples of breakfast: porridge with yogurt and fruit; cheesecakes.

The lunch of 30% makes lunch. Example of lunch: the boiled or baked meat with rice/pasta / buckwheat cereal, vegetable stew or fresh vegetables.

The dinner Makes only 10%. Examples of dinner: cottage cheese; vegetable stew and haricot; chicken with vegetables and boiled egg.

2. Sports activities

When you only begin to work on problem zones, you should carry out the exercises directed to them. And after achievement of your purpose you can do fitness for keeping fit.

Physical exercises are given some hardly and cause not the best emotions. But it is worth looking at it not as on some tortures and as on what will change you to the best, will make more attractive. In that case it will become simpler to you to be engaged, and soon you will not be able to provide your day without small warm-up or campaign to the gym at all.

Four exercises directed to receiving flat tummy

Exercises will take you only eight minutes. Each exercise is done on two repetitions, 45 seconds – performance of exercise, 15 seconds – rest.

  • Level on elbows Very effective exercise which studies not only muscles of stomach, but also - all body. It will help to remove undesirable volumes the lower part of stomach. Performance of this exercise not so difficult. Body it is necessary to arrange parallel to floor, to gather legs, and to hold elbows parallel to shoulders. The body is fixed in the flat line, it is worth watching that the bottom did not rise or on the contrary - did not sag. Breath has to be equal.
  • Twisting we Lay down on back, legs direct, hands behind the head. On exhalation at the same time we lift the body and leg which needs to touch hand opposite to it. The knee touches elbow. Later, we come back to starting position.
  • It is sweet Lying on spin, hands and legs we hold perpendicular to floor: we raise legs by 90 degrees, and we extend hands up and we hold palm to palm. We tear off the head and shoulders from floor, and on exhalation at the same time we open hands and legs.
  • Pushing out we Rise on elbows that the back did not touch floor. We tear off legs from floor here so: one equal, other leg bent. Serially we change them - we do ""bicycle"".

Following these simple rules, any girl will be able to achieve figure of the dream.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team