How to receive violet hair

How to receive violet hair

To paint hair in such bright color as violet, only extreme nature is able to afford. If you have not solved yet whether you will be able long to carry this color, there are short-term almost harmless ways of coloring.

Hair of saturated violet color for several months

Beauty industry offers many ways of giving of various shades to hair today. They differ in firmness, saturation of color and influence on structure of hair.

Hair of violet shade can be received thanks to simple coloring. Many brands of hair-dyes turn out products of pink, violet, lilac, blue color. Before giving to the hair extreme color, it is better to try to paint several locks in the chosen tone. The color represented on packing can cardinally differ from that which will be shown after imposing on your natural shade of hair.

If you are precisely sure that you have found the necessary tone which is ideally combined with your color of eyes and skin, then before coloring it is better to clarify hair to tone of the platinum blonde, and after – to use special colored hair shampoos. In order that violet color kept longer, it is possible to make lamination of hair. After this procedure you will not worry about repeated coloring several months.

Short-term change of image

Other way of coloring, less cardinal, consists in use of pieces of chalk for hair. With their help, you will be able to give to hair without preliminary preparation bright violet color for one day. Coloring should be carried out in gloves, having protected clothes cape, and floor in the room – the newspaper. In order that color has well undertaken, twist small lock in plait and wet, after that actively rub piece of chalk. Do not comb hair, otherwise chalk can be showered. For fixing of result dry up hair and sprinkle varnish. It is better to fix the painted locks of long hair in hairstyle, or to varnish plentifully, otherwise, concerning clothes, they foully will soil it. At the end of the day wash up hair with use of the conditioner or mask for hair. It is not recommended to use pieces of chalk on very dry and brittle hair. If you want the effect to keep longer, than after application of pieces of chalk for hair, it is possible to make choice for coloring balm. This means will give color necessary to you for a period of up to two weeks. Besides, unlike pieces of chalk, tonic not only does not spoil hair, but also give them force and gloss. Toning should be carried out in gloves. For obtaining desirable effect, accurately follow instructions on balm packing. Mix coloring balm with necessary amount of water and apply it on hair by means of brush for coloring from roots to tips. After that massage hair and leave means for 30 minutes. After this time wash away large amount of water. Unfortunately, to achieve such bright color as when using the previous method of coloring, will not leave. Violet will better undertake on fair hair, than on dark.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team