How to recolour hair from dark in white

How to recolour hair from dark in white

Even natural brunettes for one coloring will not manage to achieve ideal white hair color. To beautiful, equal light shades the transition has to happen gradually, in several stages and, naturally, not in one day.

It is required to you

  • - smyvatel of paint;
  • - hair-dye blond;
  • - hairbrush;
  • - brush for drawing;
  • - hair balm.


  1. If you dyed hair in dark color, then without remover to become the blonde it will not turn out. It is better to use special chemical means for removal of dye under observation of the expert in beauty shop. Keep in mind that hair after this procedure will become thinner also to the land. If dark - your natural hair color, then, applying remover, be ready to unexpected result - hair can turn white at once, and can find bright red color. Everything depends on individual pigmentation of hair. It is necessary to remove yellowness in the latter case holding several procedures in a row (up to 3-4).
  2. After remover it is necessary to allow hair to have a rest and be restored not less than 2-3 weeks. White paint not less aggressively, than chemical remover, influences structure of hair – it decolours, burns out pigment while all other colors just paint. For smaller harm buy dyes of light tones with oil content.
  3. Divide hair into zones two hair partings - horizontal and vertical. Record clips. Dissolve paint. Begin process of drawing with nizhnezatylochny part of the head. Not to receive uneven color, do space from roots in 2-3 cm. You apply mix on hair quickly, do not feel sorry for blondator – only this way you will achieve qualitative uniform prokrashivaniye. After distribution of mix on all length of hair comb curls wooden hairbrush. For a long time do not linger on one zone as the medicine applied on hair has already reacted, and you will begin time of counting of effect of paint only with the moment of covering of the latest lock. Better if all process is not dragged out longer, than for 10 minutes. Dye cannot be overdone. Do not forget to apply blondator on roots of hair right at the end.
  4. In 20-30 minutes recommended by the instruction wash out hair large amount of water. Impregnate curls with balm, having kept it not less than 5 minutes. Try not to dry after blondirovaniye the head phenom. If necessary in month repeat the procedure of coloring.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team