How to recolour hair in white

How to recolour hair in white

huge number of women aims to become blondes. And sometimes, painting hair, they spoil them, overdrying or killing with peroxide. Therefore, trying to fulfill the dream, do not forget about care.


  1. If you the natural brunette, then for you coloring of hair in white color stretches for several procedures - considerably you will not be able to change color at once. Hair-dye contains peroxide of hydrogen or ammonia in the structure. Also it is recommended to use it not more often than once in one and a half months. Therefore you should clarify hair gradually. And if you hurry, then you can spoil them. Every time buy paint several tones lighter previous.
  2. Choose paint. Now in shops wide choice of means for hair-dyeing therefore to pick up what will suit you, consult to the professional hairdresser.
  3. Strictly follow the instruction specified on packing. Best of all for cultivation of paint to use glass or china. Surely use gloves if you do not wish to spoil skin on hands. Throw with special cape or fabric which is not a pity for staining in paint shoulders.
  4. Divide your hair into 4 parts. For this purpose carry out the central hair parting dividing hair into two approximately equal parts. And after that make hair partings from nape to top of the left ear and also to right. Fix each of them by clip.
  5. Paint hair special brush. You put the first dab from forehead to nape, on the laid hair parting. Then remove front clip and paint over the hair located on the one hand from the central hair parting, separating locks no more than one centimeter thick. Just lift lock up and well paint over it on both sides. Carry out the similar procedure with hair on the other hand from hair parting.
  6. Remove clip from one half of hair behind. Carry out parting at the side. Take lock, carefully paint over and cast away forward that it did not prevent you to dye other hair.
  7. After you have stopped painting, hairbrush with rare teeth raise locks at roots and leave so for 15 minutes. After that comb hair that paint was distributed evenly.
  8. After hair-dyeing rinse them warm water with lemon juice addition.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team