How to record hairstyle

How to record hairstyle

For curls, curls, volume locks and other ways of laying the fixing means surely are required. They condense structure of hair and force it to hold long set form.

It is required to you

  • Hairspray, gel, skin, mousse, wax, beer, lemon juice.


  1. Most of all fixing means are demanded by fine and straight hair. If on such hair to make curls and to leave them without fixing, locks will develop very quickly. Means for fixing of hairstyle make of vegetable and synthetic raw materials. Lanolin, lecithin can be part of some means. They well influence the brittle, dry, thin and injured hair. Use such means after coloring or chemical wave. And here alcohol which too often is part of the fixing means badly influences hair. It dries curls and does them fragile.
  2. Hairspray is capable to hold with firmness hairstyle within one day. If not to wash hair, the effect remains also for the second day. Hairspray is used for fixing of already ready hairstyle. During spraying you keep varnish at arm's length of 30-40 cm from the head. So, it is distributed on hairstyle very evenly. Besides, if you spray varnish too close, it will lead to pasting of locks. When varnish dries up, it forms the film fixing hairstyle on hair. Hairsprays on extent of fixing differ: average, strong and super-strong.
  3. Mousse and skin are intended for processing of hair before laying. They help to make hair more obedient and pliable. It is necessary to put them before use of the hair dryer, nippers, hair curlers. There are two ways of drawing: on dry and moist hair. In both cases try to avoid zone of roots on 2-3 cm not to make hair there fatter. Before use surely stir up barrel, and then squeeze out ball on hand and distribute it on hair. Creating hairstyle, raise hair at roots and give them the necessary direction. With use of mousse or skin the excellent laying can be received in 5 minutes. Mousse can be different fixing too and intend for specific type of hair: dry, damaged or normal.
  4. Such means as gel is suitable for fixing of bang, separate locks or for creation of effect of wet hair. Use gel in unlimited number only for the last case. For fixing of locks try not to go too far in gel, otherwise hair will look artificially. On appearance the means is similar to edible jelly. You apply gel on hair with fingers. Sometimes gels meet convenient sprays. Though usually this means is on sale in jar with the turning-off cover. Gel happens average and strong fixing. This means is ideal option for modeling of short hairstyles.
  5. If you prefer to fix hair natural means, use juice of fresh lemon. When drawing on curls it adds gloss and not bad holds the set form. Apply beer or kvass to strong fixing. Beer contains vitamin B which is very useful to hair. The only lack of laying with beer is unpleasant smell. It disappears approximately in 10-15 minutes after drawing. For fixing use small amount of beer that the unpleasant aroma did not bother you. Hair gel can be replaced with gelatin solution.
  6. Broth of linen seed will be suitable for hair fixation too. Prepare it so: fill in teaspoon of linen seed with glass of boiled water and in addition boil 3 more minutes. Mix at the same time constantly stir slowly. Then filter broth through gauze. This liquid process hair, wind hair curlers and leave before full drying.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team