How to recover brittle hair

How to recover brittle hair

Recovery of brittle hair takes months whereas it is possible to damage them literally in several minutes as a result of coloring or even laying. Unhealthy hair as if stop the growth though actually it not absolutely so, they just break off on tips, and because of it do not increase in length. It is possible to recover health to curls as by national methods, and by means of modern cosmetics.

It is required to you

  • - hair care products;
  • - onions, honey and oil;
  • - yolk and castor oil;
  • - burdock, castor and olive oil;
  • - dry raw materials of camomile, nettle or burdock.


  1. Option for lazy ladies - the modern restoring shampoos, creams, balms and masks. Choose any line of means which will suit you at the price and on quality. The quite good result appears at regular use of means of the famous producers, but, unfortunately, the price is a little high, but effect amazing.
  2. Also natural ingredients will be able to help. Rub onions (4 tsps) and add 1 tsp of honey, pour in 1 tablespoon of olive, sunflower, burdock or corn oil. Well mix everything and apply mix on all length of hair. You can wrap up the head with towel. You hold about an hour then well wash hair under flowing warm water and if you did not add oil, then you can not use also shampoo.
  3. Shake up one yolk and add tablespoon of castor oil. Apply on curls and you hold about 3 hours. Then wash the head with shampoo. The same mask helps to eliminate and dandruff, thus effect remains long enough. Use it 2 times a week.
  4. Mix burdock, castor and olive oil on tablespoon. Add several capsules of vitamin A and E. Peremeshayte and vmassiruyta to roots of hair then distribute on all length. You hold mask about an hour. But there is also one problem - oils are badly washed away therefore you should wash out curls on several times with favourite shampoo.
  5. Broths of officinal herbs have well proved for many years. Make tablespoon of camomile, burdock or nettle in boiled water liter. Rinse with the received broth curls after washing. But the effect will be noticeable only at regular use. For hair recovery the most important is not to be lazy, they demands special care which only you can provide them.

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