How to recover eyebrows

How to recover eyebrows

are capable to emphasize expressiveness of eyes that is reached by regular leaving and correction. However it is possible to face such problem as hair loss and the slowed-down growth that cannot but disturb women. The fashion for naturalness and naturalness of eyebrows has returned, they have to be equal, soft and rather dense. If you the nature has not blessed with such gift, achieve desirable result thanks to easy ways.

It is required to you

  • - complex of vitamins;
  • - vitamin A and E;
  • - olive oil;
  • - castor oil;
  • - carrot juice;
  • - flowers of marigold;
  • - vodka;
  • - almond oil;
  • - peach oil.


  1. The reasons of poredeniye of eyebrows can be enough. If you suffer from this problem, analyze and establish the possible reasons. It can be owing to regular plucking out of hairs on the same place then they become weak and rare. Within four months do not pinch eyebrow and let's bulbs of hairs become stronger on the place, be engaged in stimulation of their activity at this time.
  2. Accept complex of vitamins and microelements, consult with the cosmetologist. It is also possible to apply vitamins outwardly. For this purpose prepare mix from thirty drops of vitamin A, fifteen drops of vitamin E, teaspoon of olive and castor oil. Carefully mix everything and rub the prepared oil structure in eyebrow several times a week. Already one-two months later you will notice excellent result.
  3. It is possible to improve and accelerate growth of eyebrows by means of mask on the basis of carrot juice and vitamin A. For its preparation add several drops of vitamin A (in oil look) to tablespoon of natural svezheotzhaty carrot juice. Moisten gauze napkin in carrot mix and impose on eyebrows. Twenty minutes later wash away mask warm water.
  4. Effectively the mask from medicinal marigold works. Take tablespoon of flowers of nail and fill in with glass of good vodka, insist in the dark and cool place within two weeks. Before application part structure half with water, moisten cotton pads or pieces of bandage and apply to the thinned eyebrows on an hour and a half. Do this procedure three times a week within one-two months.
  5. Constantly feed eyebrows, you put masks and do compresses. Various oils (almond, olive, peach and usual vegetable) perfectly cope with function of food of eyebrows. You apply one of the listed oils which are (previously heated) by means of brush, moving on growth of hairs. For growth of eyebrows use castor oil which is recommended to be applied for the night in the form of compress. For obtaining the best effect do light massage of eyebrows, pressing on area of indumentum and pinching from time to time skin.

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