How to recover from pimples

How to recover from pimples

Millions of people are puzzled with such problem as appearance of pimples. They spoil appearance and life to many young men and girls, deprive of former appeal. Pimples can arise not only because of production of excess skin fat, but also because of intestines imbalance. Therefore before beginning to treat skin inflammations, it is necessary to correct diet properly. Get rid of unpleasant pimples and give to skin beautiful and healthy view.

It is required to you

  • - aloe,
  • - dried inflorescences of calendula medicinal,
  • - tincture of calendula pharmaceutical,
  • - honey,
  • - the ripened cucumber,
  • - cotton pads.


1. For disposal of pimples it is necessary to use at the same time two methods: external treatment when various tinctures and ointments for obrabatyvaniye of skin and internal when it is necessary to accept infusions and broths are used.

2. Cut off leaves of treelike aloe and carefully wash. Sustain them 10 days in the cool and dark place, it is possible in the fridge. Crush aloe leaves in the blender to consistence of gruel and fill in with cold boiled water (5 parts of water on one part of the crushed aloe). Cover and insist within hour, after that boil on slow fire no more than three minutes and filter. Apply the received structure to wiping of the person at problem, oily skin and to treatment of pimples.

3. For treatment of pimples prepare the following infusion: take one tablespoon of dried inflorescences of medicinal calendula and fill in with half of liter of boiled water, cover and insist 30 minutes, filter through gauze or sieve. Wipe with the prepared infusion face skin and do lotions.

4. Pour glass warm boiled water, add one teaspoon of tincture of pharmaceutical calendula and teaspoon of honey, carefully mix everything. Moisten cotton pads or tampons in the prepared solution and put on places of developing of pimples, leave for 20-30 minutes.

5. Face packs will help not only to improve state and skin color, but also to get rid of pimples. Take the ripened cucumber, carefully wash and rub on small grater. Put cucumber gruel on face, leave for 20 minutes then wash away cool water. Regular application of this mask interferes with formation of pimples on the face.

6. Fill up one tablespoon of birch kidneys in bucket and fill in with glass of the boiling water. Put on slow fire and you boil within 10-15 minutes. Cover and give to infuse. Use the prepared infusion for compresses and lotions and also with birch kidneys it is possible to make tea and to drink, it will help to cure pimples.

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