How to recover hair after the iron for straightening

How to recover hair after the iron for straightening

The modern girl does not represent the life without tools for appearance. The iron for hair straightening – very timely and useful thing, by means of it it is possible to do quickly and easily beautiful hair. But frequent use of this subject leads to the fact that hair become dry, fragile and lifeless. Besides, they begin to split that gives them not healthy look. Whether it is possible to avoid it, using the iron for hair straightening?

Hair recovery after use of the iron

The spoiled hair it is necessary to treat urgently. What can be made in such situation? First, it is possible just to refuse the iron. But as it in most cases is not possible, it is possible to use it slightly less often.

Secondly, the spoiled part of hair should be cut off as it is not subject to recovery.

Thirdly, it is necessary to define precisely your problem and to address cosmetics on hair care. Experts advise to choose balms, shampoos and masks of one producer as, supplementing each other, they give the best effect. You should not worry if your hair became much fatter, than were before use of cosmetics. It means that they are filled with life.

Fourthly, the hair recovery after use of the iron will be helped by house masks. It is very easy to prepare them, having near at hand only ingredients for this purpose. Such masks should be done to not thicket of two times a week. The result will not keep you waiting long. But about masks a bit later. Fifthly, gelatinous lamination of hair will help. Solution is directed thus: fill in gelatin with one tablespoon of warm water and leave for half an hour. After it bulks up, dissolve it on water bath or in the microwave and add 30 grams of balm for hair. Massú should apply on moist hair. It is necessary to do such procedure once a week, and in month you will notice that hair became heavier and equal. Sixthly, if you have such opportunity, address to beauty shop for holding procedures of keratinaceous straightening and lamination of hair. However these procedures treat hair only outside, and from within they need strengthening too.

Masks for strengthening of hair in house conditions

Houses you can independently prepare masks for the hair injured after the iron. It is possible to offer such options: - honey mask which preparation requires 15 grams of honey and milk and essential oil with effect of moistening. Honey is dissolved in the warmed milk and we add 4 drops of oil. Mix is applied on dry hair which should be hidden in hat for shower for two-three hours. If your hair are dried strongly up buy oil of ylang-ylang, lavender, incense, sandal-wood tree or orange in drugstore. - oil mask – option for the weakened hair. It is necessary to distribute on hair coconut oil, shea butter or cocoa for two hours. As these oils very fat, at the increased fat content at roots of hair it is necessary to recede a little from them and to begin the procedure. It is also possible to mix jojoba oil and burdock oil in equal quantities and to make mask. The curdled milk heated to small temperatures gives good effect. Such mask becomes on head skin, accurately is rubbed, takes cover towel on half of hour and then is washed away. The iron for hair straightening – undoubtedly necessary and necessary thing for the modern girl. But whether it should be used so often then to spend lot of time for hair recovery?

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