How to recover house hair?

How to recover house hair?

Hair from time immemorial were considered as symbol of beauty and health at female representatives. Unfortunately, not all girls can be proud of the hair.

It is required to you

  • - olive oil
  • - coconut oil
  • - wheat germ oil
  • - sea salt


  1. The first assistant on the way to beautiful hair is oil (radio and basic). If you the owner of dry hair, then the most important assistant for you becomes olive oil. This product possesses vitamins A and E which promote restoration and healing and also protect hair from negative external factors (direct solar influence, dust, sea water and. etc.). Not less important oil is wheat germ oil. It has similar effect. You should not forget also about coconut oil which is source of vitamins. It will help you to improve appearance of your hair considerably. Any of above-mentioned oils is recommended to be applied on all length of hair and to leave for the night. Since morning it is necessary to wash the head in the habitual way. Thanks to oils you improve structure of hair.
  2. You should not forget also about purchased masks and balms for hair recovery. If you wish the speedy recovery to the hair, then leave mask or balm for 15-20 minutes on hair, but not 3-5 as the producer recommends.
  3. Forget about hair dryers with hot air. If you cannot refuse for ever the hair dryer, dry hair phenom with the cold mode. And here for hair it is necessary to forget about irons and curling irons. Before washing of the head of times a week do peeling of head skin by sea salt. Do not comb wet hair. These simple councils will allow your hair to change soon. Be beautiful!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team