How to recover in buttocks

How to recover in buttocks

Most of girls dream to lose weight to have the beautiful and tightened buttocks. For the sake of this purpose they exhaust themselves with diets, tire out in gym. But there is certain percent of women who dream to recover, on the contrary, in this place. But besides main goal that their bottom looked appetizingly and sexually. So in what ways it is possible to recover in this part of body?


1. There are special diets which help to recover. But having changed the food allowance, according to diet conditions, you will recover not only in buttocks, but also in other places. For this purpose eat rye and white bread, fish, pork, chicken, porridges, pasta, eggs, fat dairy products, pastries, etc. But you should not change the food allowance sharply. Increase in number of the used calories has to go gradually. Eat two-three times a day, and between the main meals arrange having a snack. Drink a lot of liquid. At such approach you pretty fast will gain excess weight.

2. If you do not accept the first way, you do not want to get fat, but at the same time wish that your buttocks were more, then you will be helped by physical exercises. By means of them you will pump up gluteuses, and their volume as a result will increase, but at the same time the bottom will look tightened and relief. The simplest exercise which you can carry out is usual squats that the effect was quicker and better pick up dumbbells. When you squat, you watch that the corner between hip and shin was 90 °. 3–4 times a week will enough do exercise, but approaches can be from 3 to 16 till 10-15 times. It is natural if you only have begun to be engaged, then repetitions and approaches should not be much, differently you risk to overtrain.

3. Will help to make flat buttocks more convex and relief also occupations on the stepper. This exercise machine imitates rise on ladder, i.e. can specially not buy it, and just every day instead of the elevator use ladder and in month you will notice that your buttocks get beautiful outlines and form.

4. If you do not want to spend time for exercises and occupations, then it is possible to resort to radical way. By means of glyuteoplastika it is possible to change form and volume of buttocks. Silicone implants are located under gluteus, at the expense of it the volume of this part of body increases. Indications to this operation are impossibility to correct form by means of physical activities, desire to increase buttocks, injuries, diseases, etc. Contraindications: diseases of internals and cardiovascular system, diabetes, endocrine violations, age till 18 flyings.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team