How to recover nails after shellac

How to recover nails after shellac

Shellac has been created for those who love beautiful manicure, but are wary of nail extension. It something like hybrid between varnish and gel. With its help ideally equal covering which keeps on marigold not less than two weeks is created. But after all shellac is covering which prolonged use can do much harm to nails. They become fragile, get out of the shape, the fungus can appear. In that case you will be come to the rescue by saloon procedures and house means for recovery of nails.

Hot manicure as method of recovery of nails after shellac

One of the most popular procedures in salons is hot manicure. Nails dip into the oil which is warmed up up to 55 wasps, special cream or nutritious lotion. Constant temperature of structure promotes disclosure of time and strengthening of blood circulation. It does nails soft, they begin to absorb all useful microelements which are in the applied means. It is the pleasant, suitable one and all procedure which improves condition of skin of hands and nails. Regular application of hot manicure does skin of hands younger and soft, hangnails will disappear, nails will get stronger.

"Closing" of nail plate as method of recovery of nails after shellac

It is quite expensive procedure, but the result is worth it. After several procedures the nails become strong and healthy, take well-groomed form. This method represents process of rubbing in in nail of the special biogels or medicines incorporating beeswax. "Closing" of nail plate guarantees you excellent condition of marigold for month. This procedure not just protects, but also treats the injured nails, promotes their growth.

Paraffin bathtubs as method of recovery of nails after shellac

Bad heat conductivity of paraffin and its property to cool down slowly, widely apply in cosmetology, especially paraffin was widely used in nail and hands baths. The paraffin applied on hands gives warmly to skin of hands and nail plates. Deep warming up promotes expansion of time that promotes the best penetration of useful elements of previously applied balm. It moisturizes the skin, feeds nails, doing them healthy and strong. This procedure is contraindicated to the people having mental, infectious, skin diseases and also diabetes.

House means for recovery of nails after shellac

Well warm baths with the subsequent massage will help to recover nails. For such baths it is possible to use salt or vegetable oil with addition of several drops of juice of lemon and aromatic oils almond, sea-buckthorn, fir, peach or tea tree oils. Temperature of such bath has to be about forty degrees. Lower in it finger-tips for 15 minutes, then remove surplus of oil with napkin, and rub the remained nutritious structure in nail plates. Compresses from such berries as cowberry, currant or cranberry are very useful. Berries need to be kneaded and imposed on nails for ten minutes, to wash away water and to rub cream in finger-tips.

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