How to recover natural nails after building

How to recover natural nails after building

The increased nails look very beautifully and effectively. But it is necessary to meet some conditions of carrying artificial nails. One of such conditions are breaks between procedures of building which can make as several weeks, and several months. During this time the natural nail has to be recovered.


1. It is possible to recover natural nails after the procedure of building both by means of professional services, and in house conditions.B salon, the manicurist can offer the following types of service on recovery of natural nails: • hot manicure; • paraffin baths; • putting biogel on natural nail. It is necessary to carry out such procedures regularly. If to consider that the cost of such services high, then in general recovery of your natural nails will cost quite much.

2. Will recover the injured nails it is possible in house conditions, a lot of time and means for this purpose will not be required.

3. The great restoring effect renders juice of lemon which feeds nail plate. After its application the nails take healthy form. Take lemon and cut it in half. Place fingers of hands in pulp of fruit and take ten minutes. After that rinse hands slightly warm water, and in nail plate accurately rub nutritious cream.

4. Positive effect on the injured nails will be had by salt baths about iodine addition. Pour into small capacity two glasses warm water, add one teaspoon of sea salt and five drops of iodine there. Take in this solution of hand twenty minutes, then dry up them, and rub nutritious cream in nail plate. Thus, salt and iodine will be absorbed in nails and will strengthen them.

5. At recovery of nails use oils. Daily before going to bed accurately rub vitamin oil in nail plate and cuticle. For its preparation mix two teaspoons of oil solution of A and E vitamin with tablespoon of lemon juice.

6. Once a week do paraffin baths for the injured nails. It is simple to carry out this saloon procedure in house conditions.

7. Warm two hundred grams of cosmetic paraffin on water bath. Cool up to the temperature of fifty degrees, and accurately lower nails in the melted mix. Take out hands for several seconds until paraffin stiffens, and then again lower nails in warm mix. Repeat five times. Put on on hands cotton gloves, and over them wide polyethylene, and leave hands in such look for forty minutes. After this time accurately remove paraffin from nails and rub nutritious cream in nail bed.

8. Do not forget that before and after the procedure of extension of artificial nails it is necessary to take the vitamin drugs containing calcium and to eat more products containing this mineral.

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