How to recover the injured nails after shellac

How to recover the injured nails after shellac

Emergence of shellac became the real break in the industry of nail beauty. But excessive hobby for artificial manicure has the negative consequences: peeling of nail plates, yellowing and inflammation of skin. How to recover nails after shellac, to return them healthy look and natural beauty?

It would seem what can be more convenient and is more practical, than fashionable nail coverings? Women, at last, have forgotten about the peeled-off manicure, could, without thinking of nails, to be engaged in daily affairs. Beauty became more convenient and more available, and drawings on shellac often remind works of art. However everything is not so iridescent as it seems.

In the course of putting shellac the master softens nail plate and processes it special files that the coating layer kept more strong. At removal the nail is also exposed to mechanical influence. It is worth to remember also that the used materials have aggressive chemical composition. The more often women use similar procedures, the nail becomes thinner stronger, becomes fragile, on it there are cracks and inflammations.

The most frequent problem which lovers of shellac face, – nails, thin, very sensitive to any external influences and temperature differences. They resemble the flaking papyrus superficially. Such trouble appears owing to the wrong or too hard work of the master (cutting of the most part of nail) or independent removal of covering simple otryvaniye.

One more "charm" demanding recovery of nails after shellac – yellow callosities under nails and the shelled skin around. There is it for the reason that the covering was overdone under lamp. Skin under nails and around them just burns down. It is impossible to see it at once, all flaws are hidden by bright equal color. But after shellac removal the unattractive picture will long upset the owner of problem.

It is possible to cope with negative consequences of shellac, but it is necessary to remember: all procedures for restoration help to take off only discomfortable effects and to improve appearance. Final treatment will be done only after full growth of new nail.

In house conditions it is possible to use olive oil. Pour it in capacity and place nails there for fifteen-twenty minutes. Oil will get into the damaged layers, fastening them and returning to nail healthy look.

If house means does not help, address to salon. Masters offer set of the procedures helping to recover nails after shellac. For example, closing by means of honey and beeswax or paraffin baths. In cases when nails have undergone strong damage, apply the special medical covering containing minerals and vitamins.

The main thing that should be considered, going behind beautiful nails, – professionalism of the master and observance of rules of hygiene. Then the covering will long please, and the troubles connected with restoration after shellac will not arise. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team