How to reduce breast without operation

How to reduce breast without operation

The rare woman does not dream of big and beautiful breast. But owners of this treasure too not always are satisfied with the sizes. The big breast is capable to cause many inconveniences to the hostess. Some women decide even on operation on reduction of breast. The same who does not want to lay down under surgical knife can try to reduce breast at least optically.

It is required to you

  • - the minimizing bra
  • - blouse
  • - tunic
  • - long t-shirts
  • - long beads and chains


1. Than the breast is more, especially strict requirements have to be imposed to bra. Do not save on this accessory. The inconvenient bra not only will ugly look, it is bad to hold shape of breast, but also can become the cause of pains in spin. Buy underwear in specialized shops and departments, giving preference to brassieres with wide straps and rigid stones.

2. There is opinion that the clothes with high mouth reduce breast, but it not so. Having put on the fitting polo-neck, you will only draw attention to the breast. And here V-shaped cuts, on the contrary, force breast to look less. If you doubt, try on such clothes in front of the mirror and be convinced.

3. Get rid in the clothes of too wide and too fitting things. Also throw out all blouses and dresses with big ruches and flounces in breast. They only add to you volume in that place which you want to make less noticeable.

4. You wear light blouses and the fluttering tunics, they stream on body, masking breast in the formed folds. Small secret – put on elastic undershirt which will tighten your forms under tunic, will give stability of your breast.

5. Also do not hesitate to carry accessories. Light scarves, long beads and chains with big pendants distract attention from breast, giving to your image integrity and completeness

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team