How to reduce bruise from face

How to reduce bruise from face

Unpleasant surprises can spoil not only mood, but also the next plans. One of such incidents is bruise on face. And, if next-to-skin bruises can be hidden casual clothes, then not everyone is ready to be veiled by burqa. Therefore it is important to know how quickly to reduce bruise from face.

As it occurs

Bruises on face heal quicker, than on body: about a week. But also they look much more depressing, especially, if the funny thing has happened on the eve of the important event. Here not to tranquility.

At women skin is thinner, than at men therefore at bruise, blow and, as a result, rupture of hypodermic vessels, bruises more dark. And, as walls of vessels at women also very thin, bruise "blurs" on much bigger area. At the first signs of such "ornament" it is worth being accepted to the main methods of fight against bruise urgently.

How to eliminate

If bruise has already lodged on face, the main task will begin to reduce its sizes, not to allow it to blur. For this purpose it is necessary to put urgently to the damaged site the ice wrapped in handkerchief or napkin. It is impossible to put cubes to the person at once: it is possible to get also frostbite of fabrics. Cold of minutes for 15 will narrow vessels, will save from hypostasis and will dull pain. Absolutely opposite influence also helps to reduce bruise. Warmings up — here that is necessary for regeneration of fabrics the next day after falling off of tumor. Two-three times a day for 10-15 minutes it is possible to put to bruise hot boiled egg, sacks with the warmed salt or just compresses. From make-shifts in fight against bruise mix of grated onions with salt spoon is very effective. This gruel through gauze is put to bruise for hour few times in day. It is possible to alternate such "mask" to the potato starch diluted with water to consistence of dense sour cream. It is applied directly to skin at least for hour. If the fear to overdry skin in this situation recedes into the background, it is possible to use vinegar safely. Miracle mix consists of two spoons of apple cider vinegar, spoon of salt and three drops of iodine. Cotton fabric becomes impregnated with this liquid and it is put to bruise several times a day for about 5 minutes. The only minus — skin becomes dry and susceptible to solar burns. It is possible to find the ointments and gels helping to get rid of bruises in any drugstore. Prepared on the basis of fresh-water sponge or other extracts, they include also anti-inflammatory components and promote healing.

From the healer

Grass treatment of bruises is also very effective. Quickly broths which the real healers used help to bring together such "neighbors" from face. The flax seeds collected in linen sack and boiled in it put hot for several minutes to damage. The celandine or aloe which are filled in with boiled water, St. John's wort or camomile are less effective, but also are applied to fight against hematomas.

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